what was I thinking?

From: mr. popularity
Remote Name: dialup04201.intersatx.net
Date: 03-07-14
Time: 04:25:00


Gee, I always wanted to be popular... so why am I so hated by these LAMER engineers? Could it be... JEALOUSY? Now why would an engineer be kealous of me? I don't know jack shit... I can't do anything competently... I have to be helped by every person I know... why would someone hate me or be indifferent to my misfortune?

I was asking myself and everyone else around me this probing question and this girl I barely know from England said: "They hate you because you're YOU."

No shit! What was I thinking? Of course they hate me... I'M ME, THEY'RE NOT. Even if they killed me and no one ever saw me again... what good would it do them? They still wouldn't be me... and they never will be... and they just can't take it anymore. I don't blame them one bit. I wouldn't want to be them for anything... but I really don't see why ME being ME bothers them so fucking much. I mean... WHO CARES?

Simple Answer: THEY CARE. They are "engineers". Sounds fancy, don't it? Sounds real technical, and that's good because it means you got to be smart... but that doesn't mean you get to be "hip", like a musician. You see, a musician knows NOTES. You've heard of NOTES, right? They're found on an instrument. Musicians play them every day. Engineers don't. They only play them back. They try to hang around the notes so they can be hip, too, but that won't work. Why? Because the NOTES have to be INSIDE you, they have to come from you. Just being the guy who flips the switch ain't it. The NOTES come from a HUMAN BEING, that's a person, with a personality. The notes represent their personality. Just like words on a website.

That's why they hate Popeye-X... simply because he has a personality... and they don't. So they have hate instead.

It still makes no sense at all.



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