Cureton & Taylor feeding at the trough of truth?

from: not....  Ed Zacherly

It would be nice to see that lick-spittle Cureton or Taylor post something, to have them back at the PPX trough, maybe they'll come here for another serving of the truth. I don't see why you bother dishing-it-up for them though. They can't stomach it anyway. Cureton and Taylor remind me of two blind, mud-sucking fish, swimming around in Cox's cesspool, they are the refuse that collects in the sewers of society. They've survived on shit and lies for so long they can't recognize simple honesty even when it's shoved down their pink, quivering throats.

I'm disgusted. Worse. I'm mortified that you even bother to pander to those heathens every week. Those wretched, Judas-livered roach droppings wouldn't know what to do with a selfless impulse if it landed on their pock-marked faces and started singing "Mammy."

That's the trouble with the world today. Everybody is out for him or herself and nobody gives a rat's ass what happens to anybody else. Me, me, me, what about me? I want to do less work for more pay. I want a free education or a better job because I'm a minority, or because I'm an illegal immigrant, or because I'm a woman, or because I'm a sound-board-man. I want to be protected, housed, fed, coddled, and I want the state to raise my children in public schools because I'm too stupid or too lazy or too drunk to do it myself.

And then when my children grow up to be liars, thieves, rapists and murderers like me because they were neglected, rejected, and forgotten, I want the state to take care of them, too. It all spirals down into a stinking cesspit of self-absorption.

Do I sound bitter? I'm not really. Because I understand human nature. If you want to understand the mind of a man (and I'm using the non-gender specific "man" here) all you have to do is imagine an animal, like a dingo or a wolverine, or a Maggot or something even a little farther down the evolutionary scale, and add self-pity and pride. People act exactly like animals, except also motivated by either of these two emotions.

When Cureton & Taylor look into the mirror I wonder what they see looking back at them? -this is not Ed Zacherly



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