out of control

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this html bulletin board piece of shit is out of control.

the Internet is basically a crap shoot, stuck in a state of perpetual anxiety, stressing about when the next run on "Snake Eyes" is going to start happenin'

Its all about knowing when to hand the dice to the next sucker... he's feelin' lucky, just havin' those bones rolling around in his cupped hand is bringing out the tendency of fools to suckerbait themselves, usually by foregoing the scam they were claiming to be runnin', and opting instead for for a quickly kludged together RE-glomification of their favorite secret fantasy.

Suckers always think if they could just roll the dice FASTER, or CHEAPER, or why not a TOTALLY FREE "amnesty" type promo?

They like to charge a cover because all the bands agree up front to play the "promo" for free, you know, to HELP San Antonio and try to ride Robert Johnson's dick as far as it will go... but stop by The Gunter Hotel, on your way out of town, and help keep the memory of Historic San Antonio Recording Sessions alive by having the focus of the gala be to exalt the fabulous talents of soundmen exctraordinaire who BURN THEIR OWN CD's!!!

"You can make a CD? At your house? For free?"

(gasps of awe and disbelief as painfully ignorant local yokels MARVEL at the sheer brilliance of Bexas Nekkid Music's technical abilities)

"You use a computer... to make a CD?"

(this stunning revelation has a galvanizing effect on the whole scene... it starts to dawn on a whole pack of drunken blues musicians that all they have to do is NOT CHANGE A FUCKING THING, and they can be CD music stars... the mere presence of their names in tiny type on the CD cover is a milestone in itself... it shows they have FINALLY "made it" in San Antonio.)

It never dawns on these pathetic suckerbait chompers that nobody has ever heard of their ass before, except me, and a few others, but they soon forgot, so really its just me who's noticing what's going on... I'm the only one who isn't drunk, so I'm the only one who remembers what happened the next morning... then I type it out on this website, and THAT'S the only known record that any of this ever happened at all.

All the idiots who were there tell conflicting accounts because of a tendency for local yokels to remember what THEY WANT TO REMEMBER, even if it never happened at all. This is how you will see Steve Cureton spam mailing everyone in the month of November, regardless of what year it is. That's the month Bexar Neekid Music goes all out with their promotional propaganda, pumping and pimping the legacy of the historic Robert Johnson Gunter Hotel Plaque and Banquet Local Talent Round-Up CD Release of Nov. 2001, the big "HOT TAMALES" mother of all mega-gigs, Cureton even hails it as an "Annual Event" and called it a "Robert Johnson Festival".

So I take it we will now commemorate that historic event AT LEAST once per year, but don't be surprised if Bexar Nekkid Music CHANGES THE TITLE a few times, and has a seperate Sam's Burger Joint Release Party for each one... you know, to "publicize" the latest changes in the public's perception of what exactly does Bexar Nekkid Music do anyway?

But how can a Festival commemorate an Annual Event and the legacy of groundbreaking local recording sessions if the ORIGINAL Robert Johnson CD Release Wing Ding never took place? Well, the show did go on, it lways does, but Taylor didn't deliver a CD. That's why ALL THE BANDS who got talked into playing for free were FURIOUS and walked out on the gig. Aw, they didn't even stick around for their fancy pants custom printed menus and San Antonio Blues Society knick knacks and bumper stickers. They simply told SABS and Bexar Nekkid to hang that "big CD" in their ass and they refused to appear at the show.

So how can Cureton commemorate an Annual Event and Yearly Festival if IT NEVER HAPPENED IN THE FIRST PLACE?

After that fiasco extraordinaire, Wanda Seals RESIGNED her position as president of SABS, I guess Taylor sort of "lost the ball" right when Wanda was gonna run for her big touchdown. Now look what's happened... because WINGS bit the dust and no longer exists, nor is it coming back, now Bexar Nekkid Music is back in the news with their latest "play for free" promotional live drunken BLUES CD, commemorating the boundless talent running loose in this town by getting them all to play for "The Wanda Benefit", that's the gig to take up a collection and show a little thanks to somone who put a lot of energy into getting the whole blues scene drunk on their asses, and don't forget how she made the phone calls to Sam's Burger Joint to set up the gigs that can't be at WINGS (for free) any more... The compassion of Bexar Nekkid Music for local blues talent is evident again... "lets get these drunks to play for Wanda for free, Cureton will record the gig on ADAT while Taylor mixes the gig live, transfer the ADAT tapes to hard disc, and BURN A CD!!!!!"

Once again, the marketing genius of these shrewd business veterans is evident, they know damn well, every Mexican that played on that CD is gonna want to hear himself... I believe this calls for another LIVE benefit... to make the CD of the CD of the benefit for the promoter to hype the MEMORY of her blues promotions, back before the days she resigned from SABS and lost her night club. Poor thing, to this day she still adores Mike Taylor and the cute way he talks to her, offering to parlay any excuse for drunks to gather into yet another fantastic BLUES release.

Funny thing is, before the days of Bob Cox and Mike Taylor being thieves with a lot of crimes to cover their ass about, I don't remember Cox or Taylor ever even saying the word "blues" one time, not even in passing. I'm 100% certain about this... neither Cureton, Cox, nor Taylor care in the least about "the blues", they barely even know who's "in it", they wouldn't know the musical differences or personal trademarks of the genre, I know for a fact they haven't the slightest idea how Robert Johnson really sounded, or what elements of his style are significant and why...

The only thread of connection to Robert Johnson out of that whole CD is Bob Margolin playing the "premeir" track that set the whole ball in motion...

By the way, they didn't record Margolin's track, either. Margolin recorded it himself with a condenser mic and a DAT machine in one pass the day before he sent it to them.

So the big promo CD release banquet with $40 dinner plates, fancy napkins paid for by Cureton's mom, and the special plaque SABS had fabricated and arranged with the Texas Legislature to be an official State Of Texas Historical Mile Marker and Outdoor Beer Garden... all of it FLOPPED ON ITS ASS, with their buttocks slamming into solid concrete, going at least 15 mph straight down, SMACKING the ground with a resounding thump, and then breaking into a thousand sandpaper featherdusters, covered with bits of torn up Luby's receipts, Legacy Post It's, and wadded up "how 2 fuck up anything for a dollar or less" books

Where was I? I've been trying to describe something that's reeling out of control, I can't even extract my own "good" ideas out of the collective mental garbage dump fast enough,


<--- that's the sound of Wanda's ass bouncing on (and off)black tar asphalt before it rolls down the street and falls between the cracks in the blues sidewalks of Texas in general....



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