why I'm so damn glad to be here

from: I'm the same old me

All I can say is, I'm just damn glad to be here.

There are those of us who are still around in memory, but not around in the physical sense. I'm just damn glad I have a "here" to "be here" in. But to tell you the truth, I'd be just as damn glad being anywhere! At least I would still be somewhere, as opposed to NOT somewhere.

I realize being in San Antonio is the same thing as being NOWHERE... but nowhere is pretty big, and it seems to be expanding its borders on a daily basis.

For example, there's a lot of people in this town trying "get somewhere". Their goal is to "be somebody". They think if they can just get enough people to know who they are, they will finally exist "in this town". They're even willing to completely foot the bill, if they can just "be known" for doing something.

It really irritates these "nobodies" when an idiot like Popeye-X gets more recognition than they do, its not fair. He acts like a dickhead most of the time, he won't go along with anybody, if something is popular, no matter what it is, he makes fun of it. If something is successful, no matter what it is, he'll find some way to critisize it, and then he'll comdemn it outright. NOTHING IS COOL ENOUGH for him, especially a bunch of small time nobodies trying to pump themselves up to a level of general awareness to where they at least get some acknowledgement from generally accepted "somebodies", you know... the COOL people.

Popeye-X has always been more "known" than he should be. But being known won't do him one bit of good, not with his attitude about everything. Especially his idea of what the word "music" means. Its all wrong. There is nobody but him and a few scattered lunatics across the Earth who could come to an agreement about what IS and what IS NOT music. No band can have him in it too long, they will self destruct, usually with PPX trying to take over the band, and then convert the style over to his idea of music, which drives listeners up the wall, and empties whatever venue it appears at in record time. As a result, he never gigs with anybody, and nobody ever hears him enough to even know what it is he supposedly does.

It gets worse. Let's say by some fluke of insanity, everyone suddenly started favoring PPX's warped ideals in music. In no time at all he will "evolve" to the next level, and will immediately be back to square one despite being popular with the people. Why? Because Popeye-X ALWAYS ends up disagreeing with himself, and ends up changing his style before it has a chance to soak in. HE'S IMPOSSIBLE!

That's why I say I'm just damn glad to be here. I'm not supposed to exist. I'll never survive. I was supposed to be wiped off of the map recently by a Big Masterplan that was underway for 5 years, several friends got together and decided to work together towards a goal of ripping me off as much as possible, and then use the money to establish themselves in business, and thus finally become well known...

Well, the main reason I'm so damn glad to be here is because being here gives me the perfect opportunity to help these nobodies become VERY WELL KNOWN...

...as liars, thieves, back stabbers, and TOTAL MUSICAL frauds. So get their names right... memorize all of their faces and logos. Get it all set up in your heads... because one of these days, you're going to look for them...


and I'll be damn glad just to be here.



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