Devils In Disguise

from: abnormal

Its amazing how much effort these sociopathic chickenshits put into perfecting a contrived appearance of friendly, sensible normality. You should see the clothes Bob Cox wears. also the way he cuts his hair. To me, that's normal to the point of insanity. I never tolerated any of Cox's hangups about my weirdness, or anybody else's for that matter. People have tried to stop me from being me since day one. Cox is the ultimate example of a person who is continually uncomfortable about little issues that constantly pop up just by me acting normal... but that's MY normal, not his. I don't give a fuck about his Theoretical American Normality, I'm against the whole idea of it. I remember after The Toiletside Reader had been online for a couple of months, Bob Cox happened to read MORE GLUE, the 2nd story, right after DAVY CROCKETT'S HAT.

He said, "I don't know, Kurt, you may have gone to far..."

"Too far for what?" I retorted.

"Too far for STIC.NET."

"FUCK STIC.NET!! STIC.NET can suck my website's dick. They're not ever going to even read it anyway. Its none of their goddamn business!"

"I don't know, Kurt." Cox repeated.

I said, "Bob, YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW, because I KNOW for you, as I have known for a long, long time. MORE GLUE has been the 2nd story since day one, and not one word of it has been altered since the original in 1982. Its been there all along, you only just now noticed it."

He was uptight where I WROTE that I doused a wino with gas and lit him on fire. Cox was uncomfortable that the guys running STIC.NET might think he was some kind of weirdo for being friends with Popeye-X.

Later on, the president of STIC.NET tried to rip me off for $414 with a quick charge on my VISA, I had to fight him tooth and nail to get my money back. His name is Dave Robertson, the big Christian and Republican, also the president of the Texas Internet Providers Association, a real big wingding in the Internet industry... and the motherfucker is just like Cox... a MOTHERFUCKING THIEF who will steal your money at the drop of a hat, its gone before you even realize they're after it. You have to get it back yourself, and you have to be ready to play hardball. I remember during the course of our disagreement, I referred to the conflict as his "fuckup", oooo, he was SOOOO offended I said "fuck" in a business conversation. It amazes me how someone can be so self-righteous about hearing MY LANGUAGE, and yet at the same time so selfish and greedy about taking MY MONEY.

Cureton is even worse than these glaring assholes. He puts a lot of effort into his "pleasant fellow" Steve Cureton persona, always taking the "high road", always playing the "sweety guy" to the hilt. Then, he'll lie straight to your face, over and over for months, and the whole time he's doing his utmost to deceive you because he's helping some THIEVES rip you off MASSIVELY. The fact that striving to steal someone's money is the opposite of "being a nice guy" doesn't bother him one bit. In fact, he likes it. I've seen him grin to himself while he's thinking of the cleverness of it all. He really thinks he's "smarter" and more "extraordinaire" than other people, he gets VERY ANNOYED when you don't believe his lies, EXTREMELY ANNOYED, in fact. He explodes into the Son Of Satan in an attempt to "scare" you into backing down, he also assaults you with a torrent of putdowns that supposedly discredit you and what you say, and the fact I don't subscribe to his brand of FAKE NICE GUY BEHAVIOR is the first place he attacks. He acts offended that you're not kissing his ass while he's stealing from you. He makes it out to be where YOU are the one who is improper, like you have to prove it in a court of law BEFORE you can call him a lying coxsucking thief to his face. And the motherfucker knows full well the whole time that your allegations are 100% right.

Did you see the way he told webgoat "ppx asked me to buy some grass for Babycat's grave"? I didn't ask him for jack shit, he offered it, and I accepted it, until I found out he only did it to make himself look good to people outside the situation. He knows damn well Bob Cox murdered her, the first second an outside person like webgoat asks Cureton about it, he tells how he bought that bag of grass seed, like he's real sympathetic, etc. He likes very much to APPEAR to be a nice guy, its very important to him for some reason, I don't know why, because he knows damn well the lies he's telling and the desire to STEAL that's motivating him. He's a devil who clings to his normal disguise for dear life, he knows he's a lying thief, with NO conscience, and for some silly reason he thinks no one else can see right thru his masquarade.



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