As Long As You
Play The New
Michael Bolton CD....

popeye-x dialup03098.intersatx.net 03-07-31 ::02:44

Play the latest CD by Michael Bolton in the background, and I'm sure Turkie will let you drag 10 MILES of dick across every hole she's got... Bolton's voice, plus lots of attention from a nice, hard dick... the perfect recipe for Turkie Nazi to get her most deeply repressed cookies up and decorated... no more whining about step daddy ruffling thru her underwear drawer (RAPE #1), no more whining about her flame emails to Popeye-X being combined with funny looking breasts and added permanently to the webpage she was flaming about... (RAPE #2)...

Ed. note: That's an old Marshall McLuhan trick from way back in the 60's... "the medium is the message" <-- remember that meaningless book? I never had a clue what McLuhan was talking about until the time I created my first audio sample... of course I screamed "FUCKI YOU!" into the microphone, and when I heard the Mellotron say "FUCK YOU" back, but highly amplified thru speakers, well, let's just say everything changed after that. With a LOT of fast talking and pleading, I talked Barry Littleton into letting me remove his Mellotron tapes and replace them all with tapes I was making as I went along, you know... varitions of "FUCK YOU" part 87-A 00-14.B ... I worked all night until I had 35 keys with 4 samples for each, all crazy voices and weird talking... you could just play the keys, kinda bouncing around, and the craziest most irritating talking came out, like somebody getting on your nerves by repeating the same thing over and over, exactly the same way each time... soon it was pulsing in a web of rhythmic syllables and curse words and nonsense and mechanized juxtapositions of opposite emotions... it was wonderful... (this next part is 100% true I swear) trigger bass weapon SUDDENLY, there was this loud incessant banging on the door, like someone was beating it down with a fence post or something... Barry opened the door, and there stood his next door neighbor ASSITANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY Charles C. Conaway, easily the BIGGEST ASSHOLE in this whole town, shaved head, moustache, drunk, and really beligerent, throwing his weight around because he's a hard ass prosecutor for the DA's office... he was pounding on the door with the butt of his .357 Hogleg pistol and demanding to know what in the hell was going on in there, "it sounds like someone's getting killed!" "whatever that was, turn it off!"

Barry replied, "oh we were just making some music..."

"Music? That doesn't sound like any Frank Sinatra I've ever heard!" (Barry's gay b/f Harry was into Ol' Blue Eyes)

I refused to turn it off, instead I turned it way way down... one a sample is mapped on the keyboard, there's no turning back... FUCK THE LAW... music is the REAL law.. and pure noise is music... and there ain't no difference between this note and that note except its got to have rhythm... and the DA waving a gun around and threatening to put us all in jail ain't even close enough to stop the noise...

Same thing if you play Bolton's new CD on the boom box while you're shoving dick over, under, sideways, down Turkies nooks and crannies with Bolton blasting in your ears, ramming whatever you got as far as it will go...

but lemme tell you this for sure... even if the TT's get their cookies to the point of electric marmalade vaseline meltdown all dripping with OraGel and quiverring as Duke's dick makes a rusty chain scraping noise as it drags across the crack in Turkie's well oiled butt... meanwhile Mugtoe is lurching as he pumps the last 4 or 5 globs of goo into Turkie's dialated eye socket... the first thing she did was take out her glass eye and poke it up her butt, Duke rammed it on home, and when he pulled out, it was stuck in his urethra, this time it really was a ONE EYED SNAKE, kinda winkin' at the Duke... so he winked back knowingly... even if Turkie GOES BLIND from being fucked by Mugtoe and Duke, and winds up as a mop jockey in an insane asylum... EVEN IF ALL THAT HAPPENS... Popeye-X is STILL not going to take her tits of that page. Those wall-eyed tatas of the TT's are ETERNAL, like that flame on JFK's grave.

So play the new Bolton CD all you want... that webpage is staying right where its at, and no amount of guns or dicks or glass ben wah balls can ever change that.

If yer wonderin' how Dukie got that glass eye unwedged from his pee pee hole, he used a socket wrench, what else?



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