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Will Alexander Sent
"Reaktor Is Driving Me Insane"
To Dan Brown
from: popeye-x
dialup04216.intersatx.net 03-08-01 11:56

Dan Brown is General Manager Of Native Instruments, Hollywood, USA, he's a friend of Will's, he liked my descriptions of Reaktor and forwarded the page to a bunch of NI people. Will said he was intrigued by my STAND ALONE usage and asked that I send him some of my custom ensembles... BUT I DON'T HAVE ANY! I use all the standard Premium and Essential Libraries, with a few Martin Brinkmann "Legacy Oddballs". I toss out most of the NI samples and replace them with my own, (except for two stock samples I can't resist using, a NI e-kick drum, and a Sonic Foundry BD+crash, every other sound you hear is homegrown by popeye-x). I tweak the ensembles until I detect the most important quality I'm seeking... INSPIRATION! I quickly save it as a parent snapshot with MIDI recall, followed by a Save As of the whole ensemble, usually with "ppx" suffixed to the name. I end up making dozens, sometimes hundreds, of tweaked out popeye-x presets to jam with. Then I usually perform a rhythm between a handful of snapshots and record the audio with the Reaktor tape recorder module, making large "jams" between 2 and 15 minutes long, just following wherever the rhythm leads. I listen back to that and cut out the extra lumpage and debris so its a clean wav file, looped perfectly on beat, with the beat length saved in the file, i. e. "ACIDIZED". useful in every sampler I've got, especially great ammo for multiple Reaktor beat loopers with 8 - 8x2 scene mixers for each MIDI program number. I feed the output back into the input, layer and re-layer the rhythmic ingrdients. I use Auto-Region by midi beat, Sound Forge can cut one of these "jams" into 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, etc. beat squares, and I extract all the regions into folders as cookie cutter rhythm blocks, totally interchangable, and repeatable in any quantity, or pattern. The tempos match automatically, hard or soft, it makes no difference because they're 'sample accurate'.

After a good 6 minute jam. I can cut that into 70 or 80 sample accurate loops and port them into my AKAI Z4 in less than 2 minutes, then the "jam" starts over, but thicker, more abstract, and SYNCRO-performed LIVE, with a midi sequencer runnin' a hardware sampler and whatever extraneous synth is plugged into it.

I often play my ultrafuzz rhythm guitar along with all that, it seems like the logical thing to do. Bass guitar is another prime ingredient for that type of thing.


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Reaktor Electronic Instruments Vol. 1

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