from Coxsucker Extraordinaire  03-08-05: 09:49
the tick replies

Hello. You may have seen me around here a few times, I'm a very well known Coxsucker Extraordinaire about town, and I'm very good at what I do. If you don't believe me, just ask my mom. She's says I'm EXTRA special, I'm extraordinaire. She loved knowing that music her son "was involved with" was receiving airplay on Third Coast Music Network. It really feels extraordinaire knowing that my mom THINKS her son is finally getting some recognition as a sound mixer in this town filled with historical recording talent, and even more remarkable audio engineering talent.

Don't tell anybody this, but my mom paid more money "in" , helping to celebrate my success, than I actually took "out" in profit for being so wonderfully successful, mixing live PA sound reinforcement gigs.

If I were to give a full account of the talents I utilize on the job, I would have to put "SUCKING UP" at the top of the list. That's really what I do the best, and its for sure what I enjoy the most. I just get a real natural high from knowing my talent as a notorious, ass kissing SUCKUP is greatly appreciated.

But that's not the main thrust of my message on this post. Instead, I would like to really focus on something that's been brewing a long, long time, but is only now coming to light.

Perhaps a little frank honesty and straightforward taking of the high road will help us all understand something I've felt very deeply about since day one, so I'll just come right out and say it:

I would REALLY REALLY love to just take a couple of hours and get into the deeper levels of just SUCKING YOUR TICK, at great length, and loving every minute of it.

I hope that doesn't sound too forward, but its been in my mind ever since the first time I saw your TICK, it was hangin' out in the men's restroom at the Oyster Bake, I took one look at it, and I KNEW how much I would love just taking it in my mouth and playing with it, sculpting its swollen, blood gorged thickness with my lips and tongue, and just really getting into sucking your TICK like its never been sucked before.

Now you know my secret, I guess that makes me vulnerable, but I've always been vulnerable to that urge to have it in my mouth for an "all nighter", I just love sucking on a nice TICK like yours, it really feels right when its trembling and popping its load down my throat, it really turns me on to slowly suck out every drop of PUS, until your TICK is just a flaccid, exhausted pouch of withered contentment, cuddled up with my tongue, and sleeping in my mouth like a baby.

I think that would go a long way towards making everything right that's gone wrong. I guess I just love the sensation of WARM TICK PUS filling my mouth, and dribbling out the side before I can swallow it all. That's why I carry a bib with me to every Oyster Bake, its like eating at Tom's Ribs, only its much more "Yuuuum", like the little pig cartoon says.

Read What The Tick Says:

Moral Of The Story:
Steve Cureton is a LIAR,
a THIEF, and a 2 faced sack

The fact Cureton is extremely annoying and selfish is beside the point. He's a fulfledged BANK FRAUD CONSPIRACY partner with Bob Cox and Mike Taylor, and even though he got NOTHING in return for committing several federal offences, he STILL bent over backwards to try and help these ASSHOLES maintain good cover stories, and the have several they are staunchly clinging to, like the mythilogical "success" of the HOT TAMALES Robert Johnson Tribute to San Antonio, with the banquet and honorary Texas plaque at the Gunter Hotel. A TOTAL fiasco in which EVERYONE LOST... except Bob Cox, of course.

But Cureton didn't want to miss out on even the smallest chance to kiss Bob Cox's Ass one more time,
A LA Joe X Horn! (I know everyone believes that one)

Then, after all that lying to me and reporting back to HQ, the statute of limitations on check investigation runs out for a check that's been worrying Cox, and Cox goes wild, he's in the clear! He drops by, destroys my music computer, poisons Babycat, and then calls me on the phone to gloat and drop hints. This is how I find out Steve Cureton has been in on it all along. Cox is so busy bragging about how Taylor was THE KEY to it, he hasn't got the slightest concern that Cureton is caught with his pants down. Bob Cox doesn't care, the money that went for the ADAT's and gear at Edit Point ran thru Cureton's bank, Donnie Meals' bank, and George Cisneros' bank, not Bob Cox's. Its essential to Cox's plan that it end with everyone's asses hanging precariously in the law enforcement wind, except for Bob Cox's ass. Its safely tucked behind a WALL of willing suckers who have to snitch themselves off before it can lead to Bob Cox.

Of course, I'll be snitching the whole time, but Cox WANTS that, he enjoys the struggle of 3 or 4 suckers holding together on bullshit alibis, and fighting tooth and nail against Popeye-X who has their ass all neatly wrapped up in a box with a pretty bow, provided by Bob Cox, with some pretty dead cat decorations on top, and a whole calendar of charges, bank statements, computer receipts, relevant timeline emails, Bexar Nekkid CD's, and don't forget FAVORS like me letting Taylor use my hardware and my studio to master a whole string of CD's, WAY before Bexar Nekkid. I helped Taylor for no charge, as a friend, and I also gave him personal instruction on how to use the software. I remember Bob Cox got thrown out of my studio on his ass, so he suddenly got real interested in the software and hardware. He had the .pdf mega manual for Sound Forge printed up, and Taylor brought it over to me so I could solve their neferious studio problems faster. I got the impression that Taylor was LOST... and I was astonished that Cureton didn't have Bias, the audio editor for Macs. I offered it to him. Nope, not interested. He's one of those sound men extraordinaire who has been AVOIDING the hard part, LEARNING SOMETHING NEW, for at least 15 years. Taylor and Cureton love to stand around PA mixing boards, running wires to ADAT's and DAT recorders, acting very technical and knob conscious, neither one of them had a music computer, or any audio CD mastering software at all. I got my ADAT in 1992, these "engineers" are exactly 10 years behind a MUSICIAN who isn't lazy, and isn't afraid to spend HIS OWN MONEY to invest in himself and his art. I told Taylor back in '93 to buy the BRC (ADAT controller) instead, and just use my ADAT, plus another we'd rent. Taylor never even had an ADAT until this decade.



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