Before The Dawn Of ULTRACHUG

Before Love Turned To Hate
dialup04220.intersatx.net 03-08-07 15:08

That was me in 1994, before
the Dawn Of
now I hate everything, and as a result
I am no longer handsome,
merely mean and sullen

God bless Buddy and Babycat
they loved me so much...

Asses to Asses,
Butts to Butts,
I will Bust on the Nuts,
of the Punks that I Dust

mike taylor... the stupidest motherfucker I've ever known in my life
LAMERZ will not be tolerated

Bob Cox... even more chickenshit than Steve Cureton... more selfish, too
Notice how much Bob Cox looks like the guy
in front of him... a fluke of DNA? Hell no...
they both cling to American dorkness...
conformity helps them feel secure
in a universe hostile to cretins...

it makes no difference... 
Bob Cox will DIE
just like any cockroach...

speaking of which...

no mercy for the wicked

Cureton thinks this is one of those
social conflicts that will blow over
before anyone finds out about it,
like when people agree to disagree...

I couldn't disagree more

your bill is long overdue
you must pay the piper

just like ebay...

Bexar Necro Music
goes underground...

Bob Cox murdered these two cats at my house...Because of the cold blooded way he did it, enjoying every minute of it,  its obvious its revenge for something he thinks I did to him in 1994. That's when Ron Travis died, June 13, 1994, right after I saw Bob Cox's ex-wife over at his house. Cox held an intense secret grudge all this time, I had no clue at all. Cox dropped a few creepy hints that he killed my cats, I became convinced he had everything to do with Ron's death, too. To this day, Cox has never said a word about WHY, but he's said plenty about WHAT he's done to get even. The only problem I have with that is he's made a false assumption about my friendship with Ron Travis, I barely knew him at all. I was there visiting Eric Marshall, who I have known since grade school. Ron Travis was Eric's friend, not mine, so Bob Cox has stupidly convinced me that he murdered Ron Travis, thinking I am somehow involved with his ex-wife's drug shenanigans with Travis. Nothing could be further from the truth, ask Eric Marshall, he knows I didn't have the slightest idea what those people were doing. They didn't know some things I was doing either. Bob Cox sees my car at the same house as his ex-wife's car, he's so obsessed with her, he thinks she's the center of everyone's universe, including mine, just because I was at the same house she was at. I was surpised she was there, I didn't even know they knew each other. She was there all of 10 minutes, and then they both left.

The next thing I heard, Ron had died standing up at the bathroom sink, from a blood clot, he died so fast, he didn't even have time to fall over. NINE YEARS LATER, Bob Cox does this big revenge bullshit move on me, spreading it out over about FIVE YEARS. doing evil shit behind my back every chance he got. Stealing from my bank account, sabotaging my studio, murdering my cats, all kinds of fucked up shit. Then he ends the big plan with a big hint about Ron Travis' death, like its all my fault, or something. WHAT A DUMB ASS!!! No one even suspected it until Cox started grandstanding and gloating and bragging about it to me, his VICTIM. He also dropped Taylor and Cureton in the grease telling me all about how Mike Taylor was the "key" to it all. This is how I learned Cureton had been lying thru his teeth to my face for YEARS, trying to help Cox and Taylor steal my money. So, by braggiing, Cox implicated Taylor and Cureton, and reminded me that the last time I saw Ron Travis alive was with Cox's ex. Ron died where Taylor lives now, standing in his bathroom. Cox is so self centered and obsessed with his designs of revenge, he doesn't have a clue that I have NOTHING to do with it, and I NEVER did. All his revenge accomplished was to demonstrate his intense secret hate for me, something that makes no sense at all. I was always 100% loyal to Bob Cox, and you can ask Eric, I didn't have the slightest idea about anything they were doing at that house. For Bob Cox to MURDER my cats in such a ritualistic and cruel way, its so twisted and chickenshit, its hard to believe. I wouldn't believe it either, except Bob Cox went to all this trouble to convince me of it. Well, I'm convinced. Taylor and Cureton can't even begin to face it, they're so chickenshit and haven't got the guts to admit they are just pawns of Bob Cox's ridiculous PUSSY PROBLEM from 10 years ago. The death of Buddy and Babycat by the hand of Bob Cox is TOTALLY Taylor's and Cureton's fault. Cox could have been stopped long ago, but Cureton was busy lying to cover Taylor, and Taylor was keeping quiet while Bob Cox was raping my bank account for years and years.

So now you see why I hate their guts so much, now you see why I call them chickenshit lying thieving assholes who must be severely punished for a whole range criminal activities. If I had my way, all three of those Coxsuckers should be DEAD and buried, just like Buddy, Babycat, and Ron Travis.



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