The Depth Of Steve Cureton's Depravity

from: I feel ripped off

Yes, that's so true. This illustrates perfectly why our friend Mr. Cureton is such a despicable piece of shit. He thinks all he has to do is float a few key lies designed to keep me from being suspicious about where the money is coming from. That way, instead of me getting the benefit of my mom's money, HE gets the benefit. And all he has to do is lie, there's no other work involved. He really starts thinking he's clever, and very special to accomplish such an easy score.

Do you realize how horrible it is to take someone's inheritance? That's my mother's last expression of love to me, I don't care about the numerical value in the least, to me it represents LOVE, and when I buy something like Vokator, the whole time I'm saying "thank you, Mom", while I wipe away tears.

But that's not all. When Bob Cox reveals what he has done, he decorates the announcement by murdering my sweet little cat, Babycat, as a blatant way of informing me, "yes, I killed Buddy, too". He also sabotaged my music computers, fried them. He also bragged and gloated about how Mike Taylor was the key to it all.

Ok, fine. This means Steve Cureton is a fucking LIAR and has been lying to my face for over a year, all in a deliberate conscious attempt to STEAL MY MONEY, he wants the benefit of it to help his "career", you know that laundry list he's always posting at the TCMN group? He's done this horrible shit so he LOOKS GOOD to a bunch of nobodies that are important in his warped mind.

So when confronted with the news that BoB Cox has spilled the beans and the game is up, plus he murdered Babycat and Buddy on top of that... its all an expression of EXTREME HATE... when told about that, Cureton's reaction is... DENIAL. He just denies it, and continues to try and tell the same lies. The game is up, and has been for quite some time. Cureton can't admit HE'S WRONG. Its too horrible to face. He doesn't mind making it happen to someone else who he supposedly loves, me, but he can't even ADMIT it, much less have it happen to him. This is known as SOCIOPATHIC behavior. Another word for it is CRIMINAL.

Then I tell Cureton WHY it happened. You know, all things have a reason. The reason this happened is NOT because someone is a big fan of what Steve Cureton does, remember "I'm very good at what I do"?, that's not why Bob Cox did what he did. He did it because I happened to be at a house in 1994, the house where Taylor lives now, the same house where Cureton's lies were hatched. I was at that house, and Bob Cox's ex-wife came in with this guy who lived there, Ron Travis, they stayed all of 10 minutes, and they left.

The next thing I heard, Ron Travis had DIED, standing at the bathroom sink, he didn't even have time to fall down, he died standing there, of a blood clot, according to the autopsy. I know better. He died the same way Babycat died, of POISON. That's the whole fucking point Bob Cox is making, and he's making it to me because he wrongly assumes I had something to do with his ex-wife and Ron Travis' drug shenanigans, which I DID NOT. I didn't have a clue what they were doing, I didn't even know they knew each other. It was just a coincidence, but because I was working for Bob Cox at the time, he thinks he's the center of the universe, and anything that happens revolves around him. H e loves to fuck people over as a sport, so he naturally assumes I like to fuck people over, too, but he's 100% WRONG. I am not a SOCIOPATH. I wouldn't steal from Cox, Taylor, or Cureton at gunpoint. Go ahead and shoot, I'm not a thief, especially not stealing from my friends. I wouldn't have anything to do with a bunch of party animals shooting heroin either, and I DAMN SURE wouldn't be enabling them. Its not me, and ANYONE who knows me will tell you this, including the people at that house. Apparently Bob Cox doesn't believe that, or else he doesn't care, so he carries this insane grudge for YEARS while he acts like a friend and does this sneaky shit, and it all culminates by MURDERING my little cat! He's a sick fuck, a CHICKENSHIT mudering asshole with a big pussy problem, and I'm his little voodoo doll, and he takes it out on my cats.

Do you think Cureton can handle any of that? Oh, no, this sound man extraordinaire is busy trying to turn all this into his "success". Can you believe this shit?

When Ron died, I told Taylor about the vacancy at that house, Taylor has lived ther ever since. Steve Cureton has taken shits on the toilet right next to where Ron Travis DIED, murdered by the same sneaky snake that breaks in houses, poisons animals, and steals bank information, and uses a computer to rob money right out of the bank, without even being there. And this is done with all the EVIL you could ever come up with, its MURDER, ok?

I told Cureton about this... you've never seen a motherfucker run and hide so fast in your life. I didn't hear one more squeak about an attorney after that. Also, for the first time in a year, "Steve Cureton" is not amongst the words being searched on my website daily. In other words, that chickenshit took one look at THE TRUTH, and hauled ass.

You'd think he'd at least ask me a question about it, right? Nope, not Cureton. Can you say "GUILTY"?



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