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Story In A Nut Shell

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Information About Mike Taylor

Yes, he seems solid, straight up, charming, etc.
he wins you over, he loves to sit on the couch and talk about talking about talking it all out
he uses preset jokes other people made up, but he tries to pass it off like he thought it upcreating an impression that you just naturally beieve in

but it is contrived, he's very uncertain of himself, so he makes up a self and performs it to you, telling you what you indicate you wanna hear, all that is a setup with MOOCHING as the desired result

he wants to
off of you

this is his whole economic system

he MOOCHES your stuff, then he keeps it as long as he can, he feels sorry for himself, so he pacifies his sorrow with material gain he MOOCHES off of you, secretly, he likes to pretend he's getting over on you, that's his gain, so its more than just MOOCHING, its MOOCHING with an added secret bonus you don't necessarily know about, that's his low level goal, his high level goal past MOOCHING is out and out theft of whatever you've got, if he sees anything that's not tied down with somebody watching, he steals it, automatically

he decided a long time ago he "deserves" to steal whatever he can get, the mind blower is, you'll be KIND and GENEROUS to him, allowing him to MOOCH like a contented pig..., but he feels no kindness in return to you, you are something for him to MOOCH off of, and he is the only important person in the picture,
nothing matters but HIM

so when the chance comes to steal you blind, regardless of how nice you've been, he grabs it in a second... WHY? he's a fake persona, he really is "running a scam" at all times on you, on everybody, even his parents and girlfriends, he thinks he has to put on this act and project a certain persona, he's in the music biz... but he doesn't know music... at all

by music I mean songs, and notes for the songs, he doesn't know any of those because he CAN'T hear the notes enough to identify by hearing what they are, he knows no chords or system of harmony, and he never will, you have to show him what frets to play and help him memorize all his moves, and keep him rehearsed so the HABIT doesn't die down, he's trying to pass himself off as something he's not...  

he wants to be perceived as a musically talented person, an expert with big ears, but the truth is, he can't hear it and get his fingers on what he hears enough to make it come out right, and if it is right, he can't tell for sure, he's intimidated by the notes, I've seen him record up to 3 different "well-known" bass players, including himself, over a basic block of chord changes that I nailed better in the first pass, playing simple notes and rhythms on his bass

main thing to know about Taylor:
he's a
fraudulent fuckhead,

he's mainly out to MOOCH
off of you as his way of life

past that he's interested in stealing
whatever you have that he doesn't have,
he thinks he can steal the music
and keep it all for himself

he is totally dependent on a system of mutual "jumping thru hoops" for each other, not to accomplish anything, but to demonstrate that you are willing to go along with HIS VERSION of the agenda

one thing he cannot handle is when you don't follow HIS guidelines for YOUR behavior,

he can't stand it when you behave in a way that is not within his concept of cooperation, i. e. you doing what HE wants you to do, if you do what YOU want to do, that's his idea of you being "hard to work with"

you might make the whole task easier using your talents, but unless you're jumping thru his hoops, he gets to where he can't tell what you're doing enough to actually HELP YOU do it

over time, he builds up quite a residual resentment of you personally, even though you've been nothing but kind and generous

if you have actual music talent that gets things done quickly and correctly, he feels "left out"

you have to TALK the way he wants you to TALK, or else he gets very bummed out, and starts acting like you're being a DICKHEAD, but really, you're just being YOURSELF, not his idea of YOU, but your idea of YOU

and that's when he decides to RIP YOU OFF, instead of just MOOCHING off of you

Mike Taylor is nothing more than a very jealous mooch and common thief, with a sociopath's conscience... i. e. NONE at all... all that matters is HIMSELF...

even if its just $20 extra he got that you didn't get, that's what really matters to him, he just HAS to steal something from you somehow... or else he feels like he's come up short

DO NOT TRUST MIKE TAYLOR, NOT EVER, resist the natural urge to assume he's just a friendly guy who likes music...

he's not your friend, you are his source for MOOCHING

if he can steal, that's even better, he loves to put on an aire of success, even though its a tragedy for a trusting friend (you), him and Cureton both loved the whole Robert Johnson banquet, coat and tie, very respectable, they invite their parents to come to the honored gala, and witness the success they have finally attained...

in reality its being paid for with stolen money, but they can't even pull that off right either, because it was impossible to finish the CD that was the centerpiece of the whole celebration...


because the music sounded like A-1 local yokel lounge keyboard pollution... it was embarrassing

poor Wanda... she believed in Taylor 100%, she was counting on making enough dough to pay the liquor taxes on her club... she lost everything...

poor Cureton... he believed in Taylor's scam, his mom got hosed for lots of dough, and Taylor refused to let him mix even one song... he gained nothing, not even bragging rights... and thanks to Bob Cox's gloating, Cureton has been spectacularly exposed as a two faced LYING thief

poor musicians who played for free to start with, then again for the show, but not again for the show since there was no CD, they ALL got fucked...

but still the fiction was maintained, "huge success", blah blah blah... Cureton has spammed us with the Second Annual Gunter Hotel Robert Johnson Wingding and Festival, supposedly Take Two of that memorable gala that never happened

the official San Antonio Blues Society plaque was definitely presented at the Gunter Hotel banquet

it finally dawned on me (duh) the whole HOT TAMALES CD was just a big decoy, a cover story to deflect any accusations of THEFT

Mike Taylor is a FRAUD,
from head to toe...

so is Steve Cureton, a totally
FAKE version of himself...

but the one ultra normal phony you really need to keep an eye on is Bob Cox...

he's the dorky Republican looking fellow, with the benign haircut and the hushpuppie loafers...

don't be fooled by his "American Computer Dork" disguise, he is the devil's own retarded pixie, a twisted, sadistic, millionaire who steals someone's inhertance money just for the meanness of it, then he gave most of it away, stealing it was his idea of  entertainment

he thoroughly enjoyed killing my two well known cats, Buddy and Babycat, all according to a well planned timetable only he comprehends

I bet you think I'm out of my mind, don't you?

I may be a tad crazy, even downright looney, I sound like I'm on Cloud 9 with toxic air freshener gassing me, and a steady diet of snorting grams of pimento cheese whiz, and shooting ground up nacho dust in all 4 eyelids... maybe so...

it doesn't mean I'm not 100% right about T-Bone Taylor and his Cult Of Stool Moochers and Turd Burgulars

welcome to the

even the lies turn out to be lies

to see the truth, merely open your eyes and ears,
and don't believe anything that can't pass the Big Fat Liar test, 



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