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Last Functioning
Brain Cell... The
Final Lobotomy

from: Bob Cox Was Just
Too Smart For PPX

03-08-24  00:35

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F R Y !!!!!!!!!!!!! Sizzle, crackle, POP! fizzzzzzzzzzzz boiiing???? clank,, blip... splork... ka-dong dong dong....
oh yeah, bleep bleep skreeeeeeeeeeeee, uh huh, ma-un...

hey, ma-un...anything happenin'?


"I'm tellin' ya... the way Bob Cox waited until the statute of limitations ran out on all the various checks I wrote for chug3, then he covertly slipped into my house, unclipped the CPU from its cooling fan... and THEN put poison in Babycat's water as he left... that was such a crowning glory to all his accomplishments, very rarely have I been so impressed by such a man of vision and purpose, going about the course of his master plan so methodically, and proving conclusively his total mental superiority over Popeye-X and his grubby little world of silly noises all into the night, a constant stream of meaningless babble, fllled with obscenities and terroristic riddles, and the ever present psuedo-honcho blustering and buster bobbinizing"

"its about time someone got PPX GOOD, he needed to take a serious ass kickin', he had it comin'' for a long time..."

"I for one am really sick of all his big talk and strutting his ego back and forth, being a know it all about those stupid synthesizer theories and philosophies he's always spouting... finally a REAL MAN stood up to him, the sheer heroic BALLS Cox displayed by murdering a little cat will stick in our minds for a long time, heh heh, that'll show 'em, eh? You don't mess with BOB COX, punk... he's too bad-ass for septic scum like you"

"Bob Cox deserves a medal, maybe even two or three, the way he stood up to PPX was admirable. Then Otto starts whining about "Bob Cox just killed Babycat", that was so annoying, and really unfair to Bob. Like Steve Cureton said, "it seems unlikely", then he dismissed the idea as "delusional", bravo Esteban! Mike Taylor never bothered to say anything, he's too smart for that, he took the high road and has been producing a string of blues compilation CD's ever since, content to move on with his career and quit wasting energy trying to help Popeye-X get his shit together."

general concensus amongst the audience in attendance bears out these consistently across the board opinions

meanwhile, PPX is back to square one, desperately making up more stuff to accuse these extraordinary engineers of... he's obviously so jealous he can't even think straight...

"Hey, Popeye-X! How's the investigation coming along? hahahahahaha, I bet they laughed you right out of the office, eh? I knew you were lying the whole time"

Taylor was right, "Otto has lost his mind."

YC-30 organ used by PPX since 1973

Does the above commentary bear a close resemblence to your own thoughts on this matter? Are you one of the hold-outs who are still reluctant to even consider such outrageous allegations? If so, perhaps you will make a mental note of the social dynamics at play, we can get together later and compare notes, it can be interesting to follow the timeline and reflect on where Popeye-X made his biggest blunders.  I'm sure, in the end, webgoat, Corbett, and the British Freedom Fighter will be vindicated for standing up in behalf of that HIGHLY KNOWLEDGABLE innocent bystander who was only trying to help Otto get his stuff back, yes I'm referring to that pleasant fellow everyone is talking about, Steve Cureton, THE sound man extraordinaire of the San Antonio Live Music Scene.

Popeye-X disagrees once more:

That is total A-1 horseshit, and EVERYBODY knows it. Very soon, if MY plan gets off the ground at all, I predict you will not see Steve Cureton around anymore. He will be laying low and taking the LOW ROAD for a while. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he just suddenly moved out of town for parts unknown. You know how the government has their witness relocation programs, its usually for their own protection. Hopefully, you will see that Popeye-X has forgotten about his Bob Cox nightmare completely, content to noodle into the twilight of his autumnal decline, maybe even getting into some
nice poontang related activities

And what will become of Taylor, Mr. Big Ears? No one will know for sure, not even Wanda, but it will be rumored that...

A. he either went on tour with a big name act, (Corbett connections?) or

B. that mass of crawling maggots devouring the remains of a severely decomposed John Doe found in a Southside dumpster was indeed, none other than the illustrious Slothbaron, Mastermind Of The Local Scene.

"And what of Mr. Robert Willis Cox? What ever happened to him anyway?"

Popeye-X: He's dead.

"Where did you hear that?"

Popeye-X: I didn't hear it, I predicted it, many times in the messages of the ANTI PPX FAN CLUB, didn't you ever read my posts?

"Not really, you babble too much, you are incredibly boring and long winded."

Popeye-X: Yeah, you're right. Forget I ever mentioned it. Bob Cox scored some hot pussy and lived happily ever after, so did Mike Taylor. As a matter of fact, I heard they shared a cell in Huntsville for 15 years, it seems that hot pussy Bob Cox scored WAS Mike Taylor, his little prison bitch slut.

I bet you never knew Bob Cox was gay, right? Well, he wasn't "gay", he was what they call "queer" in Texas, very kinky and sadistic. After they got out of the joint, they opened up a boutique for computer dork sportsware called "Bobbin' For Cox", I know because Popeye-X composed the jingle, and later on had regional radio airplay with a novelty rap single, kind of a sequal to "Dick Sucking Snitch", it was called "Bobbin' For Cox", also known as "The Coxsucker National Anthem". As I recall, it had tons of Reaktor noise woven into it, Babycat and Buddy were pictured on the CD cover, eating ground meat of unknown origin. Ewwwww...

WAIT A MINUTE!!! That could be another CLUE!!! Has Cureton read any of this? Quick! Call the TT's immediately! If you move on it fast enough, you may be able to finally see Popeye-X get caught in the snare of one of his deranged fabrications, just from the sheer bulk of the bullshit he generates, it had to catch up with him sooner of later.

(all the heads nod simultaneously
 except for PPX's)

Popeye-X: That SHIT didn't catch up with ME, it caught up with THEM! And by the looks of things, I'd say it took them out... PERMANENTLY. Just like I predicted in that old post
Pappy's Last Brain Cell: The Final Lobotmy back in August, 2003, remember? ..
 uh .. what was it?
MEGA-Tweakin' With Pappy
or something like that.

backside of the infamous WAMIRACK24

that's Butch Morgan



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