cowboys and indians

from: yeehaw

thanks for listening and commenting, I'm pleased you liked it, too, there are concrete musical reasons for everything you said, you might be surprised to know how HOLY COW was actually formed.

First of all, you must make note that HOLY COW represents the end of an era for me. It was the "last song" in a string of over 500 original titles, created between 1989 and 2000. Although I like certain things about HOLY COW, it represents the end of the line for my usage of non-original samples.

Ultimately, it was the supremacy of Ravi Shankar as a master of music that broke me of the serious "steal everything habit" I aquired from listening to Public Enemy, every day and every night, for a year and a half. I really got into the challenge of sampling ANY SONG or group of songs, and making those samples fit together as a new song you wouldn't recognize, sometimes I'd do a whole series of remixes and/or completely different songs, with different rhythms and notes and lyrics, using the same samples a different way for each song. It was stupid.

The morning I made HOLY COW, I got out a Ravi Shankar CD amd thought, "hmmm, I bet I can get a few good licks off of this guy", I extracted the audio into Sound Forge and started listening closely to Ravi, looking for a passable sample. It started with a tabla intro, so I chopped that up into the hand drums you hear in the background on HOLY COW. Then Ravi started playing. His first lick out the box was PERFECT, I snagged it. Then he played his second riff, "wow, ANOTHER keeper!" I grabbed it and flipped it into my RAVI folder. This went on for a while, after 23 keepers in a row, with no filler edited out, it suddenly hit me "duh... Ravi Shankar never plays anything that isn't worth sampling." So I kept cutting and finally, after I cut loop #109 out, I threw in the towel on sampling other MUSICIANS. I decided to be my own musician from then on, now all my samples are 100% homemade by me or a personal friend of mine... I love Ravi Shankar too much to steal from him. I'd rather never hear him again at all, than hear ME ripping him off in my shit every dau. Its a bummer.

Another strength built into HOLY COW' is its basic rhythm and bass line... did you notice? Its country and western. So its a song about how the synergy between cowboys and indians is SACRED, hence the cow is holy.

Its Texadelic, by design. Good news! Now its 3 years later, and I've managed to manifest even more C&W in my electronic style, going to the "trouble" of playing it myslef is no trouble at all, ITS A BLAST. I love playing a guitar lick that catches Butch Morgan's ear with "country music integrity", I love to demonstrate to a master like him that I can function on his level, even if its only for one Telecaster decoy moment (played on a Les Paul)



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