hundreds of worm in my inbox, but I had a snake in my woodpile all along

from: I never open anything anyway

after my last bout with sub7, I never open anything, unless its a .jpg from a friend with some text in the message that seems relevant to me personally, if its a mass mailing from a friend, I write them a message explaining I don't open mass mailed attachments, could they please send it again just to me?

lately I've received over 300 bogeys per day, some get thru, some don't, I look thru the list for a sender I recognize, I move all those to a 'read me' folder, then I mass delete the rest, and close Outlook, thereby deleting the contents of the Deleted Items folder

I'm afraid of accidently stepping on one of these landmines, so I get them out of the refrigerator as soon as possible

I find anti virus and firewalls to be a pain in the ass, plus they don't always work, especially when its a sophisticated intruder who is ahead of the curve, the firewall actually lets them in the backdoor like a VIP! I much prefer Hacker Eliminator and Hacker Tracer, over $100 per year, they let the intruder come in as if undetected, recording every move they make, they also trace the connection to the proxy, and keep going until the trail peters out, but they are set up for "next time". Unless intruders change their modus operandi everytime they come in, (to a completely different method), they CAN be narrowed down considerably. The FBI has the resources to get to the bottom of ANY Internet connection from ANYWHERE in the world, and FAST... like RIGHT NOW, or whenever they choose, its just a matter of priority.

This leaves the poor sucker pretty much wide open to be victimized at any time, and all the so-called security software only ends up making you think you're safe, which is a MUCH MUCH worse scenario, in my opinion.

The worst thing that can happen to you is to be targeted by a technologically superior asshole, who has a personal vendetta against you. and wants to see your life be as DESTROYED as possible.

I don't know how I got so lucky, but that is EXACTLY what happened to me. My case was even worse because the evil bastard from hell was the same guy who taught me how to use Windows, he was my tutor and guru, he INTRODUCED me to the Internet, and set up www.popeye-x.com for me! We were pals on a daily basis, I even played gigs with his little band for about a year, I was like their coach and personal trainer. I got them up and running, I showed them how to optimize their musical resources, how to connect with ANY audience, using MUSIC as a secret weapon. They would have had a finished studio CD of their own music by now. if they had been smart, instead of stupid.

(loosely translated: smart = do exactly what I tell you to do, the result will speak for itself, if all you want is to be "seen" playing at the local hip clubs, then forget the whole thing. I've already done that 1000's of times, Without some of your own MUSIC, it won't lead anywhere. if you really want to make a record and gain an audience, here's how you do it... if you don't, bye bye.)

So... I was IN A BAND with the evil hacker who was stealing from my bank account. How's that for suckerbait? He played the drums. He didn't know what a shuffle was. I told him, "You HAVE to know what a shuffle is, otherwise when you go jam with Albert Garcia at a club, he'll say SHUFFLE IN G, you won't give it to him, and he'll throw you out on your ass."

"That happened last week."

(ppx rolls eyes)

The fucker thought he could play the drums without having to learn anything. What the fuck? You'll learn every goddamn thing I tell you to learn, or I'm gone, and that's an unegotiable proposition, take it, or leave it, and that goes for the whole band. I don't mind doing things your way, but your way has to produce results, not go in a circle, or even worse, go downhill after several months of improvement.

I wished them well, and I left the group, eager to return to my own studio and rock out with my newly aquired bass guitar chops. I've played bass since 1964, gigged many times, but I'd never played every week for over a year, just on bass with a live drummer. I got my hands past the PAIN barrier for the first time in my life. Bass guitar is a PAINFUL bitch to gain dominance over. It HURTS your fingers about 1000 times worse than a guitar ever will. It is physically demanding to play a bass all night long with a live band, but it was totally worth the effort I put into it. After you break thru the bass barrier, and get a taste of the sonic power it has to offer your rockstar ego, you never think of guitar as being "powerful" again. It screams well, but hard core bassaholics will know what I'm talking about here, there is no instrument quite like BASS.

And that's how I got rid of the evil bastrd Internet hacker. He was only drumming as part of a SCAM he was running, BASS is the only firewall that could detect this son of a bitch, it rooted him out, exposing his INDIFFERENCE, I gave him one more chance, I wanted to sample all his drums. He didn't want to, and wouldn't tell me why, but still wanted me to rejoin his band... indifference didn't work, lying didn't work, so he tried a little begging, that didn't work either. Instead, I bought my own beautifully bangin' drumset and told him to go fuck himself.

Later on I found out he had been a thief all along, those drums he wouldn't let me sample were paid for with MY money he stole. I wanted to make a CD-ROM of Brazilian percussion samples, and offer it for sale on the Internet, complete with a webpage showing all the drums in an array in my studio, listing all the relevant details and technical specs. Yes, this hacker asshole was none other than Bob Cox, the infamous COWARD who kills cats (and people). His band was The Neon Shakers, they were surprizingly good. They had their own little niche of people to play for. They could have made a decent CD, it was within their reach, but no.... Bob Cox could have been partners with me on a CD-ROM of drum samples for cyber drummers to use in their computer studios, but no...

What I want to know is this: If Taylor and Cox are such partners in crime and studio production, why didn't Taylor step in on bass and record the Neon Shakers' CD?

Only one possible answer:

They are LAMERZ, they aren't in it for the music at all, its just a decoy move, part of the big scam they're running.

That's my Internet hacker horror story... sorry its the same old shit I've beem bitching about for a year. I'm not afraid of anything now, I've already survived the HoloCox, there's nothing left to do except quarrantine all the malicious worms like Cureton, and box the whole pile of shit in a plastic bag and deliver it to the proper authorities. Who knows? Perhaps we shall see some LAMERZ whining about being exposed to the harsh light of THE TRUTH.

Meanwhile, run your anti worm proggies dilligently. Identity theft HURTS like a motherfucker, I know from experience.



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