I don't care where he is, his head is still up his ass

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I don't really think in terms of where someone's house is located, I'm more interested by where their head it is at, in this fool's case, its obviously up his ass, deep deep insertion, probably been there a long long time

how did this start? he asked about Cureton. I fucking told him. For some reason, he "disagreed". That makes no sense to me, but it doesn't need to make sense for me to know what's behind it, I know that ANTI-PPX flavor when I smell it, and I smell it real strong whenever there's goat hoof prints in this room, what the fuck did I ever do that harmed any of these assholes? Yes, I blatantly and unashamedly FILLED my message boards with rants and mockings and taunts... all related to Steven Earl Cureton, but I had my fucking reasons for doing it. And they were GOOD reasons, not just some shit I dreamed up to bitch about. The shit I dream up is nothing like my accusations of Cureton. I can't think up ideas that are that wack. It would NEVER occur to me in a 1000 years to falsely accuse someone of being that fucking LAME. That's not how my imagination functions.

One reason I harp on the same thing over and over and over, for months on end, without stop, without variaton, and without getting over it or getting past it is this:

So you will know, without any doubt, that I am not bullshitting about it. Nobody would stick to a hard line like that, for that long of a time, unless there was some element of truth to it. Well, I'm here to tell you right now, its not just an element of truth.... its the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Actually its ALMOST the whole truth, there's more I haven't told you, and probably never will, but everything I have told you is true. You can tell I'm not lying by one simple fact: I don't gain a single fucking thing by saying it, and I don't gain a single fucking thing by you believing me. I'm just telling it, and anyone can believe it or not believe it, I don't even care.

Even if I was the ONLY person in this world who really believed all of it in my heart, that wouldn't bother me at all as far as not being corroberated goes. But I HAVE been corroberated, by NeverForget, several times, over and over. God is my witness, I haven't got the slightest idea who she is, or where she lives, or what she does, or what she looks like, or what her name is. I don't know ANYTHING about her at all, except I like where her head is at. Her head and my head are in the same space, and that's a strange thing if you think about it. What's the likelyhood that two people who don't know each other at all would have this intense agreement about ONE PERSON. Its not a random fluke. There is an undeniable link of something here. Readers might think I somehow set it up ahead of time, or maybe I am writing her posts myself, there are any number of possible explanations for what you have read here, in pieces. But none of them make any real sense as a whole, there is only one possibility that covers every single post.

I'm telling the truth, just like NeverForget told you from the beginning. We don't know each other yet, so she's not agreeing with me, how can she? I'm not anywhere in her life except right here. You have read every word that has ever transpired between us. What a wonderful thing unsolicited corroberation is. Remember, I'm not just sitting around trying to win brownie points socially. If anything, I'm annoying the shit out of whatever audience is left, if there even ever was one, its damn sure whittled down now, just a core group of people who read and write the shit daily.

All of our heads seem to be in the "same place", or at least right down the road from each other, in the same neighborhood. But me and NeverForget are locked in super tight about this one particular issue, it obviously matters a lot to her. Why on Earth would it matter that much to us unless it were TRUE? Its one thing to show up to a verbal volleyball match, with your mates all around you, and a unified theory in place being pounded in the ground like a surveyors iron pin. But that's not what happened here. This big Cureton issue you find splayed across this glorified slambook is the link. There is no plausible explanation for it except it is real, its too unimportant to be made up. There must be SOMETHING behind it. That's a mathematical certainty. To "disagree" with something that strong, one would have to have their head jammed really far up their ass, with an attitude of keeping it that way. What a stupid idiot you are, lil' ticky wicky. Can you say "jealous"? Go face yourself in the mirror, as you look deep into your own eyes, slowly repeat these words and gradually raise your voice to a screaming yell:

"you are jealous, you are jealous, you are jealous... "

You are jealous of Popeye-X, period. End of story.

What do you want to bet me that NeverForget isn't a fox? You know damn well she is. Doesn't that get your goat, just a liitle bit? You know damn well it does.

I feel so inspired by all of this hailstorm of mindfuck and bad vibes, I think I feel empowered enough to KICK THE SHIT out of somebody's ass... perhaps yours?



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