a big clit is even worse than big hands

from: I'm big somewhere

not everyone has the biggest dick you've ever seen, why, some folks haven't even got the biggest dick you can just barely see. that's ok with me because I don't want someone to see it at all unless they know what they're looking at, or trying to look at, or maybe just thinking of looking at it for a long time, kinda studying it, hey, its not going anywhere, take yer time, I keep it with me, I haven't lost it even once, not yet, and that's some kind of record for me, Lord knows I've lost everything else. Well, not EVERYTHING ELSE. I got these puppies right here, these would be a lot easier to find, so I guess a good dick can be hard to find. I wouldn't know, I'e never looked for one, I always look the other way at the last second. Its like I don't want to make eye contact, because them I might have to strike up a conversation about nothing, just trying to seem nonchelant, casually talking to a dick. It ain't as easy as it sounds.

Now a big clit? That's talk your earlobe off. I hear it will also rub it raw if ya don't try a lil' dab of Oragel, or a splash of Old Spice mixed half an half with some Bacteen. Be careful, Old Spice should hae been named Old Sting, its beyond mere Spice, like jalapeno, just a hot lil' chile that packs a punchy payload, and punches it deep, so the load stays packed.

I knew a clit, she was a Taurus, she has some tits that could take me to the chorus, I used to tweak 'em, just to distract her, I'd wind her up until she sounded like Reaktor, the throbbing gristle, the nookie factor, I launched my cookies from a John Deere Tractor, I tried to sow it, I tried to reap it, and don't you know it, she decided she would keep it, and if I need it, I'll get it later, its in her purse, or in the ree-frigerator. she's in a meeting, Timmy's playing soccer, I'll call her on my cell and talk like a stalker, I'll tell her stories, about my penis, its never boring when its poopin' up between us, I got some jelly, I churned the butter, I flipped her over and the buns began to shudder, I put some English to spin the muffin, her clit popped out and I could see it wasn't bluffin, it was a biggun' , a real tuffy, it got beligerent and made me huff the muffy, I didn't mind at all, it was delicious, I lit a candle, blew it out, and made 3 wishes



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