Where in the fuck are Turkie Nazi and Tacki Fishkebob?

Alright, front door hits don't grow on trees! Where are my two most productive promotional mules? Turkie Nazi and Tacki Fishkebob! Two of the gol-durndest, dad-blasted, diggity dog consarnedest, rip tootinest, ding dang donkey lady dildoniest, Maytag team wrestlin', high falootin', mule skinninest, hard ridin' Bolton lesbo cunt punchers to ever ride the range one burner short of a full deck! Its the goddamn MOLESTATION AGENDA WORLD HARASSMENT TOUR, coming to a website near you! Maybe even yours! They have a Gestapo like ability to travel throughout the 3rd Reich, writing their own laws as they go along, using only they're inner sense of morality, finely honed by years of devotion to the CD's of Michael Bolton. And these "agent provacateurs" are demanding control over the content of the Internet, to make it "SAFE" for the children. They wouldn't demand control over the content of TV and movies, but since the Internet is "homemade", they feel decency leaves them no choice but to click forth, to clean up a world that doesn't care as much as they do, and cleanse the electronic rivers around us of improper jokes and downright nasty talk. They CARE a lot.... [yawn] they... care... [flopping face down in 1/4" deep puddle of the scalding hot Chicken A La King I just puked thru my nose. The flesh on my face seared, and melted like wax, as the over microwaved entree dissolved my flesh into bubbling egg white-looking snot strings, drooping from my nose, and crackling like bacon over a cowboy's campfire....



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