bumpkin butt 
knows no shame

so this is the forum for that disgusting page?

No, this is the forum for paraplegic one-eyed lesbians.

you people are just a bunch of foul mouthed morons.

 fuck you!!!! 

at least michael is doing something constructive.

so is my ass...ahhhhhh... that's better.

i just happened to stumble on this page and find it insults not only a great celebrity

it insults Dr. Popeye-X?

but two young ladies who had the courage to tell you how vile it is.

not only young, but nice tits too.

so...you just put up a crude page with disgusting language and pictures and just assume people will flock to protest it, hmmm? maybe they will. you're probably pretty smart.

and he's quick to swipe a picnic basket too.

this page is an insult to every decent Christian American.

award time!

i guess that's what the internet has come to.

it was this or Y2K.

a haven for godless drug addict pornographers to insult everything decent in this country.

The Internet is Las Vegas???

just remember that while you sit in your filthy hovel snickering at the computer monitor, michael is filthy rich and is probably at some gala,


or in his fabulous mansion.

"fabulous." another gay word.

a lot of people respect what he's doing.

even more respected what Hitler was doing.

how many respect what you're doing?

4-5 so far.



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