You touched a nerve alright, but it was right up your back alley, where you've parked your head for the last 20 years.

 from: I'm always 100% right...... every motherfucking time! 

You touched a nerve alright, but not one of mine. It was way up inside your ass, I believe its called the sigmoloidal colonic cortex, and you probably pinched it when you had your head jammed so far up your ass. You remember when that was right? It had to have been right around the time you thought I gave a flying fuck about what you think or say. I know, because the only way a person could possibly entertain such an idea is if their head was up their ass so far, they'd be looking out their own mouth, thinking its the light at the end of the tunnel. What you don't realize is this: See that light? That's not the end of the tunnel. That's a headlight on the front of a powerful locomotive, and its headed straight for you, going the OPPOSITE direction. How do I know you're on the wrong track? Because I'm driving the motherfucker, and you are about to find yourself railroaded up shit creek, without a paddle, or even a seat cushion to use for a floatation device. You are in no position to be making waves, your own shit is already lapping the sides of your face. You'll need a snorkel if you're gonna step off the deep end and prove me wrong, because you're in WAY over your head. You aren't logical. You aren't clever. You aren't even cute. You have no insight as to what's really happening. Let me put it in plain English you can understand.

You are a dumb fuck. Humiliating dumb fucks is my stock and trade. I don't just bluster and pat myself on the back about how right I think I am [like you do.] What I do is much more insideous. It involves a long, slow calculated process which will leave you feeling put down, laughed at, shit on, used up, and worn out, like all those stupid preset sentences you say that have no original thought behind them whatsoever. You are seriously underequipped to handle the sheer volume of ridicule you will be subjected to. You think I'm a pain in the ass? Wait until 4 or 5 brilliant motherfuckers start picking your statements to pieces, and continuously needle you in all the ways that annoy you the most. There ain't no way in hell a dumb fuckin' punkin' head like you has a prayer against the kind of shit you will receive in here. You're like a guy with his head looking down the mouth of a cannon barrel, pushing his luck by hurling dull-witted insults at a motionless warhead. You don't know how the weapon works. First of all, that warhead is ALREADY loaded. My finger is already on the trigger, and it has been all along. All it takes is the slightest pressure on the firing button, and instantly, in a blinding flash, your whole head will vanish, leaving only a smoking neck stump beneath the blank space where your face used to reside, spouting all that inocuous little milkytoast drivel you think is so effective now. You won't even know what's hit you, you'll just suddenly realize you have had enough, and you'll go away in utter defeat. After its over, you'll tell yourself all the things you'd wished you'd said, but didn't have the wit to come up with fast enough. Still, you won't return to try them out, because deep in your heart, you will know it is a complete waste of time to disagree with me. Here's why:

 A. I'm always 100% right. 

Think about what that means. If I say you're a backstage-tour-bus blowjob Betty, and a royal Sir Bolton-suckhead dick-sciple, since I'm always 100% right, that's exactly what you'll be!

 B. You are always 100% wrong. 

In 7 months, I have not seen one single person be persuaded by your views. I get more agreement from random strangers who write me in one day than you've had in your whole life. Here's how fucking pathetic you are. You have to "manufacture" the appearance of concensus by impersonating absurd characters who supposedly agree with your views. You even call yourself "us" and "we", just so you can feel like there's somebody on your side. You know damn well that "us" is really just you, but you think it can't be proven by anyone who reads what you post. You are so wrong, its kind of pathetic. Have you ever heard of an "IP number"? Just because you send emails thru different services doesn't mean you're coming to me from different directions. You might be GOING OUT in different directions, but you are COMING FROM only one direction, your server, i. e. from your IP number. Look at your last post. Right above "Comments", it says, "Remote name". See it? Then, there's a big number made of four groups of small numbers seperated by periods, or "dots". That's your IP number. I have an idea! Since we know what your IP number is now,, let's drop that into NetScan for a little thing called "finger". If you put in an IP, "finger" will give you the email address corresponding to the server account. If you put in an email address, "finger" will give you back the corresponding IP number. See how it works? I already know half of the equation, you just gave it to me when you posted. I can use it for a search, or I can search something my intuition points to, like an email address I think "might" turn out to have the identical IP number.

There's more. As a webmaster of "fully paid-up standing", I can access my website at my server from my house. My files on the server computer contains a log of every single click that "goes" to my site. The log turns over every 2 weeks, but every single click to, from, and inside my site, BY ANYBODY, is listed, in order, with the URL's they clicked, and the IP numbers of who clicked them. The list is actually a list of ALL the commands the server had to carry out to "serve" the IP numbers' requests. I have everyone's clicks on file. By comparing email addys to IP numbers, and searching the server logs for known IP numbers, corresponding to the dates when "suspects" were known to be looking at my pages, I can let the computer check thousands of server log IP's in seconds. If an "old dog" is posing as a "new dog", an IP number server "dog-log" search will sniff the poop, and the guilty dog's DNA trail will be pointing a finger. See why they call it "finger"?

I'm leaving you now to check out these IP number possibilities, oh, heck, I call 'em probabilities, but let's see! The names may change, but the numbers remain the same! I'll be back. Take my above warning to heart. Get out while the getting is good, if its not too late already. See ya,!!!



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