Re: false pride

from: ppx
11:10:38 PM

Hey, fuckwad! Spell Tacki right!

Its Turkie Nazi (Terrie Neilson - the world's biggest Bolton fan)

and Tacki Fishkebob (Traci Kishbaugh - the world's biggest Monkees fan).

Otherwise known as the TT's. or the "wall-eyed tatas".

Then, for Tacki, there's Donkey Lady, Donkey Ladymon (male version), and Tackimon (the male Tacki, also known as Noone17, [see the Anti Popeye X mailing list, linked on Fan Club Home page.])

Add to that Chuck Smith and George Lowery. These are the two dorkasauruses who emailed me from southern Illinois, usually from George's dorm. George is a wee-wee frat punk with a big say-nothing mouth, and Chuck is stumblebum-cumfuck jackass who can't use a alphanumeric keyboard to save his ass. Even if he could, his statements are boorish rehashings of a straight Terrie Neilson agenda. This motherfucker doesn't even think his own thoughts. He gets his opinions by parroting what Turkie says. When he talks, he just wastes your time with half-baked re-explanations of the standard Turkie and Tacki wack-ass bullshit, but its all the old shit, because this motherfucker is hopelessly out of date. He still brings up points that were abandoned months ago, things like, "Why are you against Bolton?" etc. etc. etc. You'll NEVER EVER get a sentence from Chuckie-Boy that has any real direction to it, its all Turkie Nazi rehash, the s l o w & d u m b version.

Add to that another Illinois friend of Terrie Neilson named Cheryl Billet.

That's it. My, the Molestation Agenda has been whittled down, hasn't it? Well, just because its been beat down into a whimpering pulp doesn't mean the conflict is over. In fact, the whole purpose of this Anti PPX Fan Club is to lure suckers into the open, so they can be finished off in a public Internet forum, by natural selection, or e-volution. Survival of the hippest, and anyone who disagrees with Dr. Popeye-X has themselves to blame for the tragic results.

Look at Terrie Neilson, reduced to a babbling moron, sitting in the Mr. Bolton's Music List, pathetically writing memos to herself, and posting reviews of Bolton's CD's she's known and loved.

Look at Traci Kishbaugh, reduced to an imbicile's ranting that loops incoherently, she collapses under the strain of having her lies double checked, a circumstance that always leaves Traci on shakey ground, lies can leave you without a leg to stand on. She can't admit she's wrong, however, so she resorts to trying to pose as a man, which is so fucking funny in itself, the Anti-PPX list went from low activity to very high in one week, all from motherfuckers coming to check out the wackiest of the Tackiest. Well, the lying ass bitch got caught again, this time it was the "searching Bolton and getting PPX cusswords-Save The Children" lie. In the process, the "should have a warning" argument crumbled into dust. All we did was check her statements. They weren't even close to being true. She's argued all this time saying things she KNEW damn well weren't true. If her statements are out and out lies, she doesn't feel like there's any ethical conflict. She will speak her opinions endlessly, and the whole time she is just lying thru her teeth. She hasn't said a truthful sentence in several months. She lies about EVERYTHING now. Her name, how she was offended, why these issues are important, how she respects my views but not my expression of them, etc. All this Wacki Tacki bullshit, and her favorite thing to do now is change identities and go back to the start so we can prove it all wrong AGAIN.

And that is exactly who I'm replying to AS I WRITE THIS!!!



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