This Is Not A Testicle

From: McGillicutty Brothers Nickname: "Snot Blob"

You see this? This is not a testicle It is a test tickle. Or a tickle test, if you prefer. You've heard of tickled pink? How about pickled green? What about a side kick? Do you want your side kicked? How about Chief Broken Ribs? He hung around Kemosabe so long, now he needs Kemo-therapy. Can you say, Hi-O Slobber? Snot Blob McGillicutty, at yer bleedin' service, laddie. Would ya like a bit uv a' look-see at tha pretty Nessie I got swimmin' under me kilt? Aye, 'tis a One Eyed Cock Ness Monster, they say 'tis the largest snake in Great Britain, but I know that's a lie, lad, because there's no larger snake in the grass, than the one comin' thru this site, going right oop yer arse! Why don'tcha blow a wee ditty on me bagpipe, laddie, and give it all ye got, its got a lot to give back! har har. Ever been "stump-fooked" by a real pirate? Then ya don't know what fookin' is really all about! I'll tell ye... its all about this here... [looks down] Aye, she's a beaut... the finest thing to ever sail up the port of Whoresmouth, and slide right oop to tha main pier. But ah don' drop anchor, lad, I come to drop a cum blob! Of the ancient Celtic clan all McGillicutty's cum from!.... We even got our own webpage, lad, from that bloody rock band we made so much money in... Me & me brother fooked whores from here to Timbuck-Toothed, and none of those sea port groupie sluts were half as bonnie as those posts your makin', are ya sure yer not a female in disguise?



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