HTML  junkies
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Addicted: On Death Row From Boredom. Help! I'm lost in a world of HTML walls with barbed wire across the top. I simply must break out of this fucking box. I need a shot of REAL html, not this tourist trap preset web design cow manure dressed up to pass of as "trail mix".

Catwoman: HTML pusher I'm an HTML pusher, I've tested HTML-positive and I'm ready to spread it like a virus of mass destruction. Cross my HTML line and get HTML-bombed nanoseconds later. I have the purest form of HTML to sell: powdered bits. Come to me for some HTML injections, be warned, you might overdose and crash. Rebooting may not help. No Norton Antivirus can get rid of an HTML infection inflicted by Catwoman It can be LETHAL, it can cause BRAIN DAMAGE.

Jones-X: I'm the HTML pusher I'm the only Monkee allowed on anyone's back in this zoo!

Catwoman: Obsoleted You see that Re: there in your subject? Well that makes your whole post obsolete I'm afraid. You were saying....?

Who was saying....?: Absoluted that "Re:" was just an undercover "eh?" I sent to Canada to spy on my operatives. Its cheaper than security cams.

SneakyBoy: Dissoluted and there's a camera watching that camera watching that camera film this as I write!

SneakyToy: Resoluted The resolution is set for maximum "Re:" retention, eh? Don't even think about escaping, it won't work. You have been configured for Read-Only. Deletion is utterly impossible. Every time you erase, it just triple tracks it again, like guitar players recording in LA. The only way out of the maze is to donate your prenatal organs to my church for ritual edification.



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