a springboard to blather
about necrophilia

This is just the sort of senseless, perverted drivel I have come to expect from your kind.

You have "come" to excpect WHAT from my kind? I wouldn't be kind to you, even if my "come" was gay.

The whole idea of "proof" makes no sense to begin with anyway.

Prove it.

You are just using someone else's post as a springboard to blather on about some disgusting concept,

Like Michael Bolton?

like porking a woman's neckhole,

Heard of neck-rophilia? I go for the throat!

which you undoubtedly thought up during one lonely night in your trailer while trying to think up a new, disgusting fantasy regarding the female anatomy,

that's bull, I've been fucking all kinds of dead bodies since I was a child. I went thru so many hamsters as a lad, I'm surprised my parents never noticed anything. I guess they were too busy attending seminars on Gay & Lesbian studies to worry about where their hamster supply was disappearing to

since you have managed to tire out all your other sick fantasies, which is what happens when you masturbate more than twice an hour all day long.

I have fantasies I'd like to mass-debate, for sure, but twice a day for a hour sounds like I'd just be getting started when the whole party ended, and that's not a fantasy, you CAN do that, like a search engine.

Please don't use one of my excellent, brilliantly written posts to further the broadcasting of your own sick perversions.

OK, I'll tell you what. Frankly, I don't even need your excellence, or your brilliance, I just want somebody to do all the typing for me for free, otherwise, I'd just as soon use something I agree with, ya know?

I consider this a form of stalking,
which is illegal.

Well, I 'm doing the illegal part for my own sexual stimulation, but I won't charge for the stalking itself, provided of course, you continue to do a lot of office work for free.

free stalking

from doc



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