TOOOOOO much coffee!!!

from:  SAWGE A Real Pro-Bolton Person!!!.
Bolton's an easy target. I talked to him through a Clear Com headset..back in the mid-80's. Did not have a clue where his career was going. He was the big tall man doing the hard rock thing when I first saw/heard him on the early MTV. He had the leathers on - and all. This was a Sunken Garden's Theater thing in S.A. Tx. The event was some kind of weird 96 FM thing with numerous "local acts" & Joan Jett & the Blackhearts headlining. He sang to "track" & in those days it usually meant 1/4" reel-to-reel as the backing. When I got the call out front..the guy on stage said that Mr. Bolton wanted to talk to me. So be it. I noted his midwestern accent & also noted a gentleman on the other end of the communication. He stressed how important that tape was. I asked him if it was "TAILS OUT or HEADS OUT." Technical question, I'm sure, certainly for this forum. Another band was playing at the time, but I was able to "Solo Up" the 2-track tape through our Clear-Com feed & it was notably backwards. He thanked me for avoiding that mistake. One of the songs was (sitting on the) Dock of the Bay. This was the beginning of what many thought was the "bastarding" of "Motown" & etc. music. Maybe correct. Not a single person ever heard Otis Redding sing that song live! A cool side note would be that Otis heard what would be the final mix within his last per-se 30 hours on this planet earth. Bolton has leaned on those that should be championed for being the originals (i.e. Motown elite-Smokey, Stevie, Isaac , Dossier-Dossier-Holland, Berry....etc). Really, not the point in my book. Maybe a few checks found some mailbox'. Maybe, some people bought the originals. I've not heard dick about his career in at least 2 years. My "wonder years" in the so-called deep south were full of aural memories of the Supremes, James Brown, Archie Bell,(Little & post) Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Peaches & Herb, Joe Tex, Ike & Tina, The Temptations, The Imperials, & untold acts that lived in the mythology of my young soul. Fuck anyone that would chance trying to take that away. If some midwestern "boy" wants to revisit those days & make some money & maybe at a last thought--turn some "honkies" onto that music--so be it! Another note: I have not seen such a stretch of female fan base (age-wise) since Rod Stewart's "hay days." I'll never forget a single "fucker" that treats me like a professional or just another guy like themselves. That said, I think it's high time to pick on some other performer! Let's fuck with "fill in the blank" O'the Day." That "parody-of-herself" Celine Dion seems prime for the wolves. Sorry, guess I should just have stuck with the forum, closer. Okay, Popeye-X is a mysoginagakie & 98% of all females that bitch about him weren't breast fed & need a beating. Not to mention all of the scumbags that don't agree with anything that anyone's said at any point of time. Fuck you sad (so-called) human-beings! Oh YES...I've also been a bad, bad boy. LAST THOUGHT DEPT: Have a belly, velly Melly Christanthumium! And a happy, hopie meletonin.!!! Hope you die & eat shit popeye-xiieeeeeeeee.



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