Supreme Commander Of 
 Monkee Lovers Unlimted 

 Dr. Popeye X - Dictator For Life 

I see you're still up to your lying tricks, Kishbaugh. Where did I say I was the president of Monkee Lovers Unlimited? I'm NOT the president, I'm THE SUPREME COMMANDER DICTATOR FOR LIFE of the Monkee Lovers Unlimited fan club! I was a comprehensively complete Monkees know-it-all before you were even born! I also know how to PLAY every single song they ever did, on every instrument, so fuck you! 

Who do you think you are, coming in MY website and announcing that I'm misrepresenting MY Monkee Lovers Unlimited fan club? You're just a silly tourist who's trying to ride my dick to greater glory, and the whole time, you don't have a clue who the well known LA rockstar was that walked by Davy Jones with a cow in the moive, HEAD! You weren't even born until 1968, you lying bitch! I live less than 1/2 mile from Mike Nesmith STREET! This is his home town! I know ALL ABOUT THE MONKEES, and I always have! I don't need a club, I was there when it first came on TV. 

see KO in Oct. '66 When Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band came out, I went to the record store, I almost bought it, but decided to spend my $2.99 on Headquarters by the Monkees!

I know EVERY Monkees song on EVERY Monkees album and single ever made! I had a band that regularly played, "We Gotta Be Free", (the song at the end of the show?), and that was never even on an album!  I learned ALL their music by heart, before you were even born! You are a pale imitation to the real thing, i. e. ME, the only person you've ever known who is truly qualified to operate a legitimate Monkee Lovers Unlimited fan club! Dr. Popeye X! And maybe, just maybe, if you answer my question about who led the cow in the movie, I might let you join my Monkee Lovers Unlimited fan club, but only on a LIMITED basis, like, you can be my personal text generating secretary for the newsletter, or something. You gotta earn that title of president, BITCH!

By way of explanation: I'm so embarrassed, but I hope everyone here realizes Ms. Kishbaugh is a former wanna-be lover of mine, a SPURNED wanna-be lover I might add, and she's just in here to try and exact some revenge because I don't want to set a date for our wedding, OK? Now you get the picture? That's why she's making this absurd claim that she... [haha]... knows more about the MONKEES than me! [haha]... That is so ridiculous! Nobody is gonna fall for such a ludicrous allegation.
Wacki Tacki strikes again!



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