From An Incredible Female

from: ppx
2:02:48 PM

MADAME E writes:

Dear Benevolent Doctor of .....Philosophy,

I may be one of your most casual observers of the "TT" sagas. I have just recently briefed myself on the over 400 current posts at the anti-popeye-x site. I am amazed at this number and amused at how much it reads like a soap opera. IE, the beginning of December varies little from the scripting from last nite.

Of course Traci is now Noone17. It became fully clear to me when "he" said "his" brother knew all the words for dick. A male would never make such a statement but a sister would. Be that as it may, I believe Ms. Noone to truly be 17. I don't know if anyone has made that observation. I now believe Traci not to be so entirely narrow and stupid as it might appear on the surface. She is simply very young, testing and exploring the narrow Christian values she was raised with by church and state; which demands unquestioned obedience to the mind set of "think not for yourself". The continuance of life is completely linked to free will and free thought. To agree or not agree with any philosophy, in part or wholly, and to have any intelligent value whatsoever in doing so, one has to understand it well enough to make a conscious decision to it's merits. Otherwise, we would all be witless mind slaves: automatons. Or...morons. And for what all thinking humans know: there is no freedom for morons. They live within the prison walls of their own devise.

As for little Ms. Traci Noone at 17: I hope she continues her struggle to breakdown the walls of mediocrity that imprison the spirit. There are many traps, dear. What seems wrong, may be right and what seems right, may be the most vile evil covered in a processed sugar shell. It seems sweet, but if you were to take a real bite, you will find the bitterest slime of all; that which would, if allowed, doom the world to every biblical description of hell; just like the uncanny example we have already seen at Auschwitz. Imagine that on a global level: "but Hitler seemed like such a nice guy at first". Talk to any old German about that. I have, and I can tell you, they are all very defensive about how such a thing could happen, they're so "innocent". They'll still blame it on the Jews. When Hitler starting killing priests, they were shocked but what about the Jewish children before that? I hear nothsing, I see nothsing. I know nothsing.

The only thing Ms. 17 can do to help create a better world, is to be willing to give of her own blind ignorance. It is not easy, but there is no other path.

As for you Doctor, your irreverent, creative sack of sweetie guy bullshit, is without a doubt, a perfect ministry in this day of poets of vulgarity. Behind the "UGLY" one will find a philosophy pure in it's respect for others too, to express their true spirit. You would not a harm a butterfly; wage a holy war, that murders for the sake of an idea. You are an incredible poet and musician, your benevolence is proved, with the attention you have allowed "the little one" to receive from you.

Wishing you an abundant and loving New Year, Madame E

PPX comments:

That was beautiful, and so are you. I certainly agree that Traci is not as stupid or narrow as one might assume. Not even close. I think she's an insane genius, and I'm being totally serious. After arguing with someone this intimately for 8 months, I have "gotten to know her", and even though I will continue to "disagree" in a rude way, I have truly developed a "liking" for her, and I don't care what anyone thinks, I really am attracted to her. Yes, in THAT way. Call it crazy, nasty, kinky, whatever... I'd jump at the chance, don't kid yourself. But, I suppose that's "off topic"... I'm sure anyone can understand the natural logic of my true feelings, I admit they are rather astonishing, but, so is Kishbaugh.



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