Like A Chihuahua Trapped In A Dung Beetle's Body

from: tick poppin' daddy - 1/26/00 - 11:27:52 pm

"Yap, yap, yap, yo quiero Otto Balls!" He's also sniffin' all over my dick for FRESH ideas, but guess what? I Aqua Velva'ed my "mind" crotch with psychoactive motifs of graphic signifigance, thus altering the DNA he was going to use to jack off to my website with. It was the force of my sheer genius that melted his ability to even get himself hard, so he dribble-jizzed into a flour tortilla, and that's what puto yankees call a "Burrito Supreme with Sour Cream". Then, he crawled off to smear it on the vaginal wall of another man's toilet stall. To read his "witty" replies, please drive to the roadside park near San Marcos, in the men's room, stall no. 3, on the right side. You'll see where he scratched a febble comeback with his car keys, then notice the dribble stains of translucent sour cream stuck to the wall. They lead to the ground, where the observant eye will see the unmistakable trail of a Dung Beetle, rolling a teeny-weeny ball of chicken shit up a steep, endless INCLINE of no return.... Rollin' rollin rollin'... with a Taco up his Colon... That won't keep it swollen, Doghide!! Don't try to understand 'em... just Tumblebug at random... to keep your shitball rollin' by and by... Doghide! Hyaaa! (whip crack) And keep your fuckin' nose off my balls, you Gordita humping message board TICK! Go suck the snot out of a mule's nostril, you'll get a lot better ideas from that than you will trying to decipher why 1,000's of motherfuckers all agree...P - O - P... E - Y - E... add the X... and it = ME. End of story. You were saying....?



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