Aw.... Did My Mascot Scare Everybody Off?

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from: ppx - 1/29/00 - 12:22:14 pm

tsk... tsk... tsk... I guess the re-animated monster fetus scared off all the lily livered "bad-asses", only Hempec had the balls to "face the music". He might be a cantankerous little shit, but I admire the unmitigated spunk he shows. Even Luna2 did a trailer post! All in all, the Churn has been pretty good to ol' PPX, I gotta admit. MaidenIce wouldn't touch this board with a ten-foot pole, and Catwoman has changed her nick, and gone into hiding. Maybe they show wisdom? Of course, Stash Ziplock came back, but he doesn't count since he's "on staff" anyway. I kinda miss Madame E, I really can't get by for too long without one of her posts. "Come on, E, I need you, baby." A little Muggy Toad would be nice. Where motherfuckin' Dildog? Lazy SOB. He's been very active, STEALING as much cracked software as he can get his mits on, but he hasn't got time to come defend his pal against the onslaught of Hempec and Dr. Forrester. SLi's been kickin' my ass, too! I need some tongue-slingers to come clean up this godawful mess, I'm getting too old. All those taunts of "Lawn Gnome" have taken their toll.... I'm getting weak... can't stay awake... lapsing into a gnome-like coma.... (will I ever recover?)



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