Re: French Conehead

from: Madame E
1:24:59 PM

Now now Stash, oui know you are right but I thought spelling was Doc's forte. I can tell you, if I were rewritting your stuff, I would change more than a word or two. I just wouldn't want you to think I'm lazy or stupid. Neither of which I claim not to be.

I once found comfort in my big IQ & "higher" education; like being smart gave me edge. Since most toil like the plow horse, the stars look more like race horses. When they are invited to run the race, (between being admired and pampered) they're fast, sleek, and affect the the bottom line in a boisterous way. But the truth is, they burn out faster than most, and like the old plow horse, they're still put out to pasture to make room for new blood.

Then I realized being stupid and lazy is smart. First, becoming stupid made real knowledge possible. Once all that I had learned was thrown away, logic and garbage both without discrimination, then mind could be built without the eons of cronic, twisted judgements encrusting every layer. Lazy has served me well too. When I stopped efforting, the law that asks to "produce more with less" activated: mind and will syncronized, narrowing the time/space gap in the "from thought to manifestation" process.

The Techies think of themselves as intellectual elitists, realizing or not, they equally are just the work horses of the machine. The praise and rewards received from those that pull the strings, satisfies their feeling of self worth. Until the next race, when not crossing the finish line first, threatens their status.

Thinking, since we created the machine, makes us in control, is a gross error. We're addicted, generally, to the paycheck, to the "social" security. Freedom is the price payed for this false security. If one was free thinking, having enlisted the franchise called free will, being self reliant and off the leash would be possible, desired. (Many believe freedom will turn humans into violent, moraless animals; the opposite is true. Laws are only needed when reason is suppressed.)

The "King of the Jungle" goes hungry if he doesn't produce, but that cat has no master except reality. Your prose, which I enjoy, stimulates the ZEN of your mind and it takes balls to publish it, saying this is an aspect of me. Certain bored jerk-offs whom post that an intimate, self revealing comment is sickening, is really sickened by their own selling out. Like a cat bound to a behavior dictated by the comforting walls of the master's house, only pretending to be a real cat. Proved when they only bash others; any kind of self realized commentary might risk exposure of being just another genuine fake. A weak defense for such a smarty cat.

I think we share a love for PPX because he's willing to throw out the standard, to see what else can exist. His art and music prove his raw plunderings have etched lines on the map. It takes savage courage to own the wilderness. If he lives or dies, he owns it all. Hey nasty jungle boy, you got the heart of a lion!

Stash, your posts are great! I don't know why this one got so long but...I'll blame you!

I look forward to a good shallow bashing from the geniuses out there. I've already accepted that I'm stupid, boring, and that my attention to the mechanics of spelling sucks: proves laziness. But it's a place to start.



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