Re: Stupid And Lazy

from: Madame E
12:41:09 PM

Yeah, I know you're not anal about spelling, I'm just still being anal about Forrester for being anal about spelling. hehehE

You're of course right 'bout being smart. My point about being stupid has more to do with giving up preconceived & outgrown concepts of universal truths. This is where existing knowledge limits new evolution. This is why intellectual specialists have a tendency to move the slowest toward a greater encompassing model of reality (except for religious freaks, of course). Not a bad thing: the all can and must be proved intellectual position. 'cause there is always a natural/scientific explaination for everything. When "Miracles" happen, intellectuals have a tendency not to open enough to freely analyze. And the ignorance of religion assigns an explaination that "no human is capable or should understand how". Take a look at history, what has caused more human devo and misery? I hate chosen ignorance!

Remember The Fire Sign Theater? "Everything you know is wrong." That's a good place for intelligence to begin.

Just like you said, to be good at being "lazy", one has to have vision. There's no future of value without conscious VISION. I work (it's really play) my ass off. There's so much to create (and so little time: until I teach myself the bigger mechanics of that dimension). As Kurt might say (or Thoreau): "nature is the only science". Being in-sync with that higher reality, gives one creative license and abilities usually reserved for "higher beings". Freedom is one of these absolute truths. To be "off the leash", a must to consciously partake in and excellerate evolution. Evolution cannot be stopped, and it only hurts when fight it.



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