Wow, I'm So Impressed

from: Demitria Monde Thraam - 2/8/00-4:30pm

Dear Popeye-X;

I love your site. Here are reasons why I love your site:

1. Great page designs. I am myself an adherent of the Text - in - a - Table - over - Textured - Picture - Background School of Web Design, so naturally I could *personally* relate to the pages. Like that each one has a specially designed logo (So do my own.)

2. Great Rants. You Really Do Tell It Like It Is, Popeye-X. I'll be a faithful reader of your updates. (I hope you still do update.) You have a splendidly spasmodic way with wordage. The images are...just perfect sometimes...like that thing about the TV show where you heard the character make some big confession which was followed by "mellow DX7s of approval". I lived in a warehouse-cum-recording-studio years ago, and I have seen/heard a Yamaha DX7 and its schmaltzy new-age preset sound samples. When I read that line, I knew EXACTLY what you meant by that. And it really made me think about the means by which the evil TV media-manipulators cause the viewers to follow the pre-ordained script of HOW THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO THINK about whatever "pressing issues" the show happens to be "tackling". My big peeve these days is that the government is actually paying the television industry to incorporate anti-drug messages into TV programs. This is unbelievable, and yet so believable given the current state of things. Have you ever written anything about this topic? I would love to see this covered sometime.

3. "My English Teacher". Oh, words cannot express how grateful I am for this one. When I first started reading it I thought, oh man, yet another asshole who's going to write a whole piece on how a fat woman is the pinnacle of unfuckability, how a fat woman is an abomination to the eye and how there Oughta Be A Law that requires all of them to cover up their fat selves with big heavy coats even in summer so that guys will only see young and thin girls with scanty clothes on. THEN I read further...Major turn-around there...Fat english teacher turns out to give groovy blow job instead...Yippee! If I had a medal I would give it to you for writing this. Don't even care if it was intended as a joke. It's showing a fat older woman being sexy and THAT is something we fat older women need to see more of.

I will soon be providing a link to your Toiletside Reader from my own site, Thraam Transmissions....at http://thraam.com

Your new fan, Demitria Monde Thraam

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