Article 577

from: Hempec

Sheesh, I hate this time of year. It's nice that it's warming up a bit, but man, I've got the doldrums. I need an escape from the everyday revelation that my life is nothing more than ordinary. God, I hate that.

I also hate the fact that I owe $300 dollars in taxes this year. The thing that chaps my hide is that I have no idea where that money is going. Probably some liberal-brewed social scheme that will keep the people that I hate in a state that will require me to hate them to a larger degree. All slackers and welfare recipients of the world unite and stand in line for free bread!!!!

I'm also sick of hearing how drug addiction is a disease. It's either a weakness or a hobby people, nothing more and nothing less. I don't begrudge those who wish to partake on a social level as long as they don't put my life in immediate danger. The ones I can't stand are those that get in over their heads, then ask for help and sympathy in their moment of crisis. Quit Whining!!!! You got into the boat, now row yourself to shore.

Another thing I hate are incompetent waitresses and retail clerks. I can accept the fact that there are people out there for which this line of work is perfect. At the risk of sounding like a social elitist, though, if this is your lot in life, at least have the courtesy to be good at it. It's not a tough job!!!!!

Now I feel better.




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