Re: Hi, Hempec... so what

from: Cyber Barbie
2:45:45 AM

Madame E and I like to find the music and clubs but I can tell you, we have no problem meeting cool people. E's like some kind of mystic, first her energy and looks lead others to think she's not much older than I. And when they talk to her, they begin to understand why and never forget her.

She's told me, the only puzzle there is to solve is the one of myself and only then will I under- stand the complexity of others. But "the higher, the fewer". Physics is easy.

And dance. Power and grace is in the universal, in the discernment of infinite detail: focus.

So what's this whinnyness about $300 in taxes and being socially elite? I can spend that on a nite on the town. $ is just a tool. If you are brilliant, as I think you claim, why not pay a million in taxes next year. Go ahead, do it. Then maybe you won't be complaining about having no cake.

Making $ is easy, E's showed me how. What takes real character is not only inhabiting the biological form of a human but becoming one.

Nothing's free. Nothing's equal. Except, of course, for the limits people's judgements place upon themselves. Government can only oppress the willing. Or is that the ignorant? The only power "they" have is what we give them. Or is that aquiesed? To hell with this, I'm looking out for #1, and I got a paper to write.

Oh, and don't spend so much time in this cyber wasteland. Learn how to dance.

Ps. Hi Uncle PPX



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