Right On, CyBarb!!!

from: K-Bob
2:48:14 PM

I didn't mean to sound over-protective, and I'll try to watch that in the future, but I guess I already know I'm gonna go right back to the same ol' shit, but I'm a good learner, and I know my "family" is gonna make sure I stay on the right track!

The following is not meant as an excuse... only the truth as basic as I can phrase it:

When I love somebody as much as I love Cyber Barbie, its my nature to be absorbed into the intensity of it. Is it any wonder that I would be "blinded" by it? Your Uncle Kurt is literally out of his freakin' skull, gone completely buck wild lunatic certified berserk over the CyBarb and her mama, the love I have inside is so much bigger than I can contain, there's no doubt in my mind whatsoever that I can't even come close to thinking thru what I'm saying enough to make any sense at all, much less keep from falling all over myself just trying to express a simple thing... I love you to pieces, CyBarb, and the pieces are the debris that remains of what used to be brains, and is now crusty cyber chunks of croutons from the K-Bob's salad wagon courtesy of Boerne, TX.... scattered throughout my empty skull like cassarole confetti raining down, bouncing off the walls of Toiletside Cyber Malls.

I'm so glad I finally cleared that up. I'm just love crazy, plain and simple.



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