Excuse me?

from: oTTo
11:10:43 PM

I most certainly do have one... hell, I've got about four! I'm not even counting the weirdo passerby types. I saw a gal at the luggage repair shop where I do computer tech stuff, (i. e. real life), and when the boss (my ex-girlfriend) walked out of the room, I slipped my email addy to the new one. So even when I have a real life encounter, I transfer it to "online life" as fast as possible. It makes "real life" function so much more... uh.... SNEAKY? Is that the word I'm looking for? I'm such a gentleman these days. Its much more affordable now. Between .jpg's of roses and free long distance via e-mail, I have enough money left over to start a "summer camp" for battered Michael Bolton fans. I've got a whole row of trailers out in the woods, packed to the rafters with those whiney ass motherfuckers, every one of them gaffled with duct tape, and gagged with my dirty undershorts. I must have 50 or 60 pairs of Haines with the darkest skidmarks this side of the Indiannapolis 500, stuffed down their throats as far as they'll go, because I'm tired of hearing them say, "You were saying....?". Over and over and over and over....

I shut down their websites AND their fan clubs. I don't do it out of hate, I do it out of personal pride, and I ain't heard of any "personal pride crimes", have you?

You were saying...? Are you threatening me? You've already been sexually stalking me online. My dad is a mama patrol crossing guard, the CHIEF of the crossing guards, and when I showed him your disgusting pornographic emails, he held out his little stop sign, and blew his whistle... real loud, too!



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