Miss Tacki

from: oTTo -

Maybe its time for PPX to kish Traci goodbaugh?

On second thought.... She HAS been lurking around an awful lot... I wonder what it is she's looking for? Let's try a little deductive reasoning... I'll take a wild stab, just for the heck of it....

Could she possibly be on the lookout for text she wrote? Maybe she is somehow anticipating that Dr. Popeye-X is likely to boil the 800+ messages of the Anti-PPX Mailing List down into a series of webpages, tracing the evolution of the entire ordeal, with a chronological transcription of what went down, (with extraneous bullshit sifted out), and thereby enable a casual reader to cover a lot of ground quickly with a minimum of hassle?

Maybe it wrankles Tacki to think of PPX adding a new "wing" to his humor website, featuring over 200+ posts made by her alone? I guess 800+ messages ought to reduce down to at least 25 or 30 webpages of slap-happy, Wacki Tacki, neo-knucklehead nonsense, right? And of course, oTTo is going to promote this massive document by tapping into his website's considerable daily traffic, and broadening the scope of Tacki Fishkebob's humiliation to unprecidented levels?

Just think! All she had to do was shut-up early on and  mind her own goddamn business, and this impending nightmare would not have been possible. But since she didn't shut-up then, its highly unlikely she will shut-up now, and the prospects of an ongoing sequel look very promising.

Great idea, Tacki, thanks again!!! I was wondering why you've been sniffing all over my website's dick, now I know what to work on next...




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