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from: Lynx

Allow me to introduce you all to my own personal war. Yesterday I received a spam e-mail from a woman..... and here is the whole story in its glorious details:

Spam from Libido G Brown-Butt via FreeLotto:

This e-mail was sent to you by Libido Brown-Butt from the e-mail address {BB's e-mail} and the IP address {BB's IP}.

Libido G Brown-Butt wants you to win Cars and Cash from FreeLotto.

If this is not someone you know, or you believe that this was an unsolicited e-mail, please contact us at abuse@freelotto.com . Our terms of service forbid the use of this system to send unsolicited e-mail. We will immediately contact this user, remind them of our policy and if they persist terminate their account. You may also contact their Internet provider directly to complain.

[A very long spam message continues here about winning cars and entering some contests. I will spare you the details of it. - Lynx]

Good Luck!

Sincerely, Kevin J. Aronin Chairman & CEO

We have the utmost respect for your privacy! Your personal information will NEVER be provided to any third party. We will only send you Free! Prize opportunities. If you'd rather not receive any further messages from FreeLotto please click here to be removed from our list: REMOVE

 ---- end of the spam ----

Naturally, being the good Internet citizen, I wrote immediately to abuse@freelotto.com : ( I also CC: BB, to be fair)

I do not know this person or where she got my e-mail address. As far as I am concerned, this is unsolicited e-mail. Please inform her to stop.

- Sneaky Lynx

BB, furious at me, wrote this (by the way, Globelists, Globeclubs, is where the Anti Popeye-X mailing list is located):

Dear Lynx: We are both members of Globelist. I receive tons of e-mails from members and I have never thought to report another member as someone who spams. I can't believe you did something like that. I hate receiving tons of e-mails from Globelists but I always accept them because I have received great info from other leaders. I have never reported anyone from Globelist the way that you did. I really cant believe you did that. I wont ever send you anything else but that was a horrible thing that you did as we are both a member of the same Globelist family. You really ought to be ashamed of yourself. I think that was a terrible thing to do to someone. I have been a member of FreeLotto for months and have never had anyone do such a vile thing. I cant believe you did that. It makes me sick to think you are that kind of a person.

- Libido Brown-Butt

To which I replied...

First of all, I did NOT know you got my e-mail from Globeclubs. Second of all, I did NOT ask you to send me that advertisement. Third of all you CHOSE to be part of Globeclubs, I NEVER chose to be part of FreeLotto. It is a cheap thing to use people's e-mail from a common list. I am definitely NOT ashamed of myself, I NEVER sent YOU any advertisement. Go ahead and feel sick for what I did, I have ENOUGH people do the same thing to me that you did, I have absolutely NO mercy on that sort of thing. Can you see where I'm coming from? You don't make people join your things without asking first! I had to unsubscribe from it, something I don't really have time for. Globeclub FAMILY? What a load of B.S. Anyway, nothing personal OK?

- Lynx

And finally, BB sent me this:

I had no idea a mere offer caused you to join something and I don't believe it did. You made your point. It's like you don't exist so let it go. I receive a lot of mail from a lot of people at Globelist. I happen to think that the Globelist family isn't a bunch of bull and I think you are phony to post like you are such a caring person when you are not that at all. Having said that I don't intend to send you a thing. Having said what you have it's over. Don't email me again. That way no one is violating anyone's rights. I know you over reacted. I had no idea by sending you an email from a great company like FreeLotto would cause such a big deal. So please be gone. Let us consider ourselves as having never met. I meant no harm toward you then and none toward you now. I totally would never get involved with nasty negative people and I don't want to now. You don't like mail from people whether you belong to the same list or not. I see that and I accept that. We never met as far as I am concerned. Consider it a closed item.

----- end of this story -----

What a load of crap! I now have my own TT, this one is BB! But now "I don't exist!" and I better not e-mail her again because I'll be "violating her rights", what about MINE? Besides, I'm a "nasty negative person" so I suppose I don't deserve to exist, right? And as far as she's concerned, "we never met"...

Stupid woman!
That's why I called it SPAM!

- Sneaky "phony to post like a caring person when I'm not"  Lynx

p.s. of course I won't let this issue sit there, I will keep you all updated if something juicy happens.



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