An Alternative Future View
Of Dr. Popeye-X #652

ALL dialogue written by NathanM
artwork by
PPX 3/11/00-18:07:28

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Shimmering metallic feathers in full array and servos at the ready, flitting, flighty and evanescent Dr. Popeye-X, his frail life balanced like a drop of dew upon a blade of grass, yet endowed with powers of destruction, vast and ominous, alights now upon a slender branch to sternly survey this world… and the next. Presently a piercing shrill electrical chirping begins to emanate from his digitized throat, gathering force and volume. All of nature falls silent before him as he begins his tragic and moving swan song, all but the flowing of the waters beneath his tree.

Poopdeck: Papa X-ray. Papa X-ray. Come in. Over.

PPX: Hiss Click Pop Whirrr…. Entire works of Monkees completely expunged from history.

Poopdeck: Roger PPX, I copy “Complete erasure known works of Monkees.” Over.

PPX: Fizzle Whirr Snap…Worldwide poodle elimination… Done!

Poopdeck: Affirmative! Muffy put down with extreme predjudice. Come back.

PPX: Buzz Zip Trill… All SUV drivers gutted and prepared as frozen suchi for future generations of the homeless to feed upon.

Poopdeck: Copy that Papa X- ray. You’re in the pipeline 5 by 5. Over.

PPX: Berrrsnap! Spice girls executed doggy style.

Poopdeck: Uh huh.

PPX: (his strength now faltering made one final effort) Mm Ach Unnnhh... (he strained as though at stool) Twirrr - Greee - Clap! And it was accomplished!

Dead now, Dr. Popeye-X falls unceremoniously, like a grease stained Burger King bag with a half eaten Whopper inside, down onto a pad of floating dead leaves, to be carried to the sea - but with a new full and luxuriant head of flowing hair prominently visible.

Poopdeck: Fairwell Papa X-ray, and we thank you. Over and Out.

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