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 "mind control machine" by
demitria monde thraam

mein gott! tesla powered html generators is something i needs me over here. gollee.

now, nox illuminatus and his half-brother, an old 7500 power macintosh named vox dominatus over there on the right side of this very large 2 computer desk, they've got power alright, and considering the overuse that both the things get, they better

what powers them is something i still cannot quite comprehend. i think it is some kind of quantum - oppositional hatred energy which can only accrue when you put two forces which completely oppose one another really close together in such a configuration that they can neither escape each other, nor can they actually cause physical harm to one another.

a lot of marriages run on this sort of power. so does washington. teenagers thrive on it, since they are forced to attend high schools...but adults in bad job situations don't, since the fight-or-flight reflex is not held back enough by circumstances to generate the necessary energy. it's just too easy to leave a bad job or kill your boss...although often it doesn't seem that way. 

nox is a pc and vox is a mac. they sit a foot apart from one another. i don't even have to plug in the power cords; the resultant friction between them is enough to make them pump themselves with enough energy to have created an entire huge website, and lots and lots of meaningless dribble and drivel on other people's websites. 

"the reality may be virtual,
but the truth is not"

virtual truth
now there's a concept...

(see: "big fat liar")

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