I'm Building A
Cyber Strip-Mall


"Caring Digitally For A New & Hurting Millennium..."

This is a an idea that's never been tried before. I want to have ONE page, with EVERYTHING you need on it, so you can sell your car, and never leave your house again. I reaching out into cyber space, looking for new "friends and contacts". I think I'll start with A..... After I make a lot of new friends and contacts with "A" names, I"ll move on to B, and meet some more exciting new pals, this has never been done before.....

"Helping Websites And Changing Lives..."

I'm building a Cyber Strip-Mall with a different "store" on each page! When you open my non-SPAM e-mail, it will run a script that will automatically set my Internet Mall as the home page on your browser. My Mall only works with Netscape 3.0 or smaller, because I've had the same Mac for 10 years, ever since right after Al Gore invented the Internet, I came right over on the first boatload, and built the First Computer, and I was one of the Original Internet Wizards who started the First Chat Channel. (back then, we just called it talking). I have kids now, so I don't use cusswords any more, as a matter of fact, I'm going door to door to remind people not to use bad manners. I also report infractions to a list of babysitting URL's that have no bad words whatsoever. Just trying to help some fellow webpage makers win cash and prizes.... You don't have to come to my Cyber Strip-Mall, it comes to you! This has never been done before!

inspired by http://thraam.com/rudenik.html



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