Look What Traci Kishbaugh Wrote in June 1999!!!!

From: popeye-x
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Date: 4/29/00
Time: 2:01:13 AM

Traci Kishbaugh's June, 1999 Post From a Bee Gee's Fan Club Mailing List...

Hey, guys, at the risk of sounding rude, I do not join a list to read posts of people bad-mouthing other people.......... I am a friend of said person, and it really upsets me to read this kind of stuff.... and even if I weren't, it would still upset me cause this isn't the kind of stuff I think should be on a list for everyone to see. If you don't like someone, then just IGNORE them. Is that so hard?

And being a fan club president of a couple fan clubs myself, I take offense to some of these comments. When you run a club, anything to do with that celeb is your area. So I'm sure said person had AGMF and concert issues to handle........ even if she wasn't directly involved......... I'm sure there were questions to answer from her members and other things, as well as making plans to go herself. Also, I don't understand the meaning of "self proclaimed president". Excuse me, but when you run a fan club, you ARE the president (or editor, or anything else you wish to call yourself.) So in a sense, everyone is self proclaimed....... Hey, I call myself President of the Monkees fan club I run. What's the difference?


PPX comments: Is that unbelievable? The difference is you're a motherfucking lying hypocrite, you fucking bitch! Everyone should see what SHE WROTE at FUCK OR FIGHT.



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