Thanks, X Man, tell Fallon for me, too, OK?

from: ppx AM

Thanks for reading, its particularly gratifying when someone I haven't met yet, digs into the undergrowth, and pulls out a stinky tuber like The Hunter. Its fun to make people laugh. I appreciate the fuck out being able to read what you really think, so thanks for bothering to write. Approval isn't necessarily the easiest thing to come by these days, not in an era given over to Political Correctness To The Point Of Disfunction.

Hang out? I guess I mainly hang with my Internet pals, Doc, Monde, and Mugtoe.

Doc and his gang can be found at the IRC channel, #Amish_Rake_Fight, on DalNet, there's a webpage about it,  and a BBS at As The World Churns, Doc also has some things you should check out called UNSPEAKABLY STUPID STORIES, DOC'S CHAT SOUNDS, and DOC'S MUSIC. Damn! Doc is very active, isn't he?

Another friend is Demitria Monde Thraam, she's from San Francisco (i. e. crazy), and the doorway to her world is http://thraam.com . She writes and paints, so you gotta dig around to find everything she's up to. Like Doc, she's got a lot of irons in the fire. I often post to her and her crew at Deekoo's THE EYE OF CHAOS.

And last, but not least, is my bud, Mugtoe, AKA Old Zeb, the wooly booger at The Spread Eagle Ranch. Muggy writes stuff, too, so dig around in his CAVES, and wherever you find in there. It can be surprising. He has a BBS where I post a lot, SPREAD EAGLE BULLETINS.

If you wanna REALLY hook up to the secret comings and goings of Popeye-X, then you need to use the "Quick Find" map he uses, a "secret" page called, PAGES-X.

That ought to keep you plenty busy, I hope we meet up sometime, and please thank your pal, Dennis Fallon, for me. I appreciate those word-of-mouth spammings, that's where the die-hards come from. I know I've forgotten a couple of things I would like to mention, but I'm sure they're on PAGES-X somewhere. That's the most comprehensive link page I've ever seen, haha, over 600 links going in & out! Most of the links are to ME, of course, haha.



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