6/12 is my birthday


Of course its really me in the b&w, I'm too in love with myself to glorify some other fool, you ought to know that by now. You also ought to know that I am fully aware that nobody asked you to post or read anything. That was one of the things that made me smile the most. Your post is very complex, spontaneous, and sincere, and I believe I picked up on several levels of communication going on, one of them being 'you were being you' to 'me being me', and I didn't feel any vibe of a problem at all. Was I wrong?

You think I'm calling her a Fan Club Nazi Bitch because I think those words make me sound cool, or something? You're wrong. Like most of what I publish, its worded the way its worded because a NAZI BITCH is exactly what she is. I didn't create her, I only described her, and unless you're prepared to prove I'm a LIAR, you better start paying close attention to my EXACT wording, I don't fuck around, dreammm, especially not to kiss a dishonest person's ass. That's what Kishbaugh and Neilson are... dishonest ASSHOLES, and I'll never stop saying it, so get real used to it, or, even better, don't read it, since it ain't none of your business, is it? When I said NAZI BITCH, I was toning it down in deference to you, dreammm, not because the TT's deserve it, but simply because I like you, and you're funny. If you weren't funny, you'd have been thrown out on your ass immediately. And if you kept coming back over and over, and spread lies all over the place about me, then it wouldn't take long before you'd be up shit creek without a paddle, too, just like the phony's you're trying to protect. You will learn, dreammm, they all do.

In the meantime, please don't assume you know what I do, or why I do it, you have a view of me that isn't real. The fact you would ask if the b&w was really me shows you don't quite understand the kind of guy I am. To me, the TRUTH is the whole point. If I wasn't telling it to you true, I can't really think of any reason I would start talking in the first place. If you knew me at all, you'd know that about me. After a while, you'll be able to see, I'm too simple minded and naively open to be cooking up some kind of trick on you. To me, reality is all the trick anyone could ever need on anybody.

Yeah, its me, and YES, I'm really naked, just like I said. Why wouldn't I be?

Oh, yeah, dreammm, look at the "January 27th?" post, I dressed it up just for you.



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