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9:33:20 AM

drea+ m-cubed saith:

:I like my new tag, too, makes me sound more intelligent :and geeky.

them's good things to be... i guess the first thought was some evil remembrance of learning exponents in some horrid school math class.

but i just stuck that in there to make you seem less like a web tv user, because you seem to be a cut (or perhaps even multiple cuts) above that whole crowd.

i used to know a whole crew of web tv people who all had multiple repetitions of one letter in their names, which i gather was an attempt to sound sexy (oooooooo ahhhhhhhh) they all invaded a newsgroup i used to post in. one of 'em was named "pleazzz_me" and another was called "TrrrrroubleTwin" and "OhhhhhBaby". there were even a few guys there. one was called "loverboyyyyy".


:one question (forgive me for not surfing further tonight :and finding out the answer myself - a goil needs :her evil :sleep)

sleep? what is sleep? i think i have forgotten how to sleep. who put that sand in my eyes?

i dream awake. i remember it better that way...

: what's "compumancy"?

compumancy: the arcane art/science/religion of making computers do things you want them to.

compumancy is learning to talk to the damn things and gain their trust/affection. to make them behave, and want to. for there's a soul, a ghost-in-the-machine. it is called TECHGNOSIS.

TECHGNOSIS is sort of the god of all computers and software, and of the internet.

TECHGNOSIS likes to be recognised. appreciated. when you take a working computer for granted, it often becomes a nonworking computer very quickly. that's TECHGNOSIS being pissy.

i am having it happen right now, as a matter of fact: i'm going to have to reinstall windows today. i spent the last two weeks telling people "i haven't had to reinstall windows since the first installation." i KNEW BETTER.

TECHGNOSIS hates talk like this. we are talking about a vain and jealous god here (actually, more of a collection of powers than a "god".)

there's more to it...but it's really arcane, and hard to put in words. deek could probably explain it better. (that's my lover. he's not from this planet. and this is not merely a metaphor.)

:new word there for me. I thought I was the only one who :made things up.

hey, i like you. i hope you didn't disappear into the ether or something. you're a neologiser. actually, that's not a made-up word, but it means "someone who makes up new words" - for that is what a neologism is.

i have a whole dictionary full of ones people send me: http://thraam.com/neologisms.html

:-emoter demoter

you demote emotions, or are you an emoter who demotes (something else)?



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