PPX lies so much, he can't even keep his lies straight anymore.

what the fuck is she talking about?from:
date: 5/19/00
time: 10:51

>>from jiffylube's previous post, 199.224 thinks its ppx
<< God, Traci, what a pathetic cunt you are! Even your daddy must get sick of his unfuckably ugly daughter snitching on everyone on the Internet that disagrees with her. And all because he raped you when you were just little.>>

199.224: Get this straight, PPX! I have known Traci a LONG time, and I have read every sick post you have posted about her. And you can't even keep your facts straight. She NEVER said her father raped her. NEVER. Go back and re-read all your crap and you will see for yourself. You're just so determined to post crap on her that you will print anything even if it isn't true. But you forget, thanks to you, it can all be proved that you lied.

>>from jiffylube's previous post
>"Say, why don't you tell him about "noone17",your male persona on Globeclubs? But then he'd know that you are a lying, whacked-out piece of human garbage, wouldn't he?"

>>from ppx's previous post
<<Popeye-X comments: "Am I good, or what?" You think being a nationwide snitch on handicapped mental patients, and helping to possibly destroy their Internet access is GOOD? You sick fuck! You snitched her off for drugs and theft downin Florida, but you have no way of knowing that. You love to snitch so much, you don't mind one bit if everything you're talking about actually happened to someone else, you weren't even there! The Truth is not the important part to you, its that self-imagined 'glory' as a powerful Net-Snitch you crave to the point of INSANITY.>>

199.224: Oh, good! A lie by omission now. You forgot to mention that Traci, as well as others received death threats from this person. In case you have forgotten, it is against the law to threaten to kill someone. And it is obvious to me, although not to you because you obviously don't have a brain, that the police took her very seriously, as did her ISP since the cops confiscated her computer and her ISP cancelled her service. What? Do you think they just did that for their health? I've got news for you. They don't do things like that unless there is proof of the accusations. HA!

>>from ppx's previous post
<<Notice, its Aug. 99, right before the TT's Fray attack on PPX. I guess you were thinking you'd score up another "two days of work" on me, didn't you? ARE you good, Tacki? NO! You are a worthless NO GOOD sack of fan club SHIT! Isn't it funny how your little goal BACKFIRED? Here I am, 9 months later, posting your unabashed admiration for your own despicableness. It feels so good to know you got slapped back by ME, and HARD! You wither before the REAL truth like a blade of grass in a forest fire. The reason you can't prevail is due to the fundamental FLAWS in your warped philosophy! I am glad to have played, at least, a tiny part in the continuance of your perpetual FRUSTRATION & MISERY. Reading garbage like you post only solidifies my resolve to keep spanking your boney ass, every time it pops up! I am your worst daylight savings nightmare, Kishbaugh, and I will NEVER cease to laugh at you until I have a written apology from you posted for all to see. So, until then, you are on my list, alright... my SHIT list!>>

199.224: Would you mind explaining to everyone here just exactly HOW the problem with the person who threatened her life had ANYTHING at all to do with you? This should be good for a laugh. It had NOTHING to do with you at all. So stop acting as if it did.

>>from ppx's previous post
<<P. S. By the way, Traci, what does an insane, handicapped fan of a soap star losing her e-mail service have to do with the Bee Gees? Are we off topic here, or what? I remember last Oct-Nov, when I first heard this cock-n-bull story. I see now you were involved only as a third party mistaken identity, and you've been conveniently assuming all this time you got her kicked off her server, when in reality, she probably just moved away somewhere else. But you've never verified ANY of this, its just a warped fantasy of Fan Club Nazi Rule finally coming true in your mind, with YOU as the essential, missing piece of an extremely wack-assed puzzle. Traci, trust me, you have a serious fucking mental problem.>>

199.224: Apparently you didn't do all of your research. Typical of you to only print half-truths. FYI, Traci has FRIENDS on the Bee Gees list (including yours truly) who care about her and she was confiding in them. Not that it is any of your business in the first place.

You must have a pathetic, boring life to have to go back to 1999 to dig up material on my friend to try to use against her. Especially when most of what you post has NOTHING to do with you. Get a life, jerk, and leave my friend alone!

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P. S. Traci, you are suffering from severe blockage, probably a logical impasse, or it could even be a theoretical hemorrhoid. You need a good brain suppository, followed by a rigorous program of rectal rolfing, just to loosen up your tight-assed attitude.



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