Re: PPX lies so much, he can't even keep his lies straight anymore.

from: Jiffylube
6:54:42 PM

LMAO! The "raped by your father" comment was a hail mary pass, a desperation, 3/4 court shot at the buzzer, meant to bring out a reaction from Tackicunt herself. I never DREAMED the shot would fall through the hoop, that the pass would be a touchdown. But it happened! Tackicunt posts, and with Fake Personality #3 no less! I'm very proud AND laughing my ass off right now. I helped do what PPX couldn't do alone: Drawing your dumb ass out once again for all to see what a wacky, lying cunt you really are.

Yes, it's me, Jiffylube, man of a thousand IPs, gathered from changing jobs lately faster than your dad changes prophylactics after fucking your huge, zit-covered, otherwise-unfuckable ass.

And Tackicunt, the "PPX lies" post is so obviously YOU. It's your (and Noone17's) style, and only YOU have read enough of those ancient posts to craft a reply like that. Even among losers who worship the shittiest bands in the history of rock n' roll (such as the Bee Gees and Michael Boltass), there is nobody who is going to defend you after realizing you were Noone17. It's one thing to tell a lie, but quite another to take on some sort of fake personality and drag it out for months, long after everyone knows it's YOU.

Caught lying again, Tackicunt! Jiffylube shoots, he scores! The crowd goes crazy!



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