Texas vs The USMC

from: Mugtoe
8:31:39 AM

As long as those Texans keep gettin sorrier, those Marines will keep puttin out. Quid Pro Status Quo baby. I've got two nephews in the Corp. I haven't preyed on them, but that's probably because they're originally from Texas and don't make very good Marines anyway.

Besides, I'm infantry all the way. Why, when we were clearin those tunnels out in Cu Chi district and things got hot for the Rats doin the dirty work, those Jarheads were takin it easy in Da Nang fightin a conventional war. Ever been bayoneted in the groin whilst droppin yerself into a booby-trapped tunnel? I didn't think so. It ain't pretty sister. Sure, it was volunteer duty, but that didn't make it any easier.

So when this kid comes in here talkin shit about Texas, and I'm carryin metal in my ass from the Mekong, I just go off. My apologies. This old grunt never had much use for those elitists in the Corp. I'm just a common man tryin to make the world safe for the rest of you guys. Besides, I didn't say I never loved em. I loved all of em. The truth is, it was a Marine who broke my heart. I guess that's why I'm so bitter. We had our whole life together planned out, and he left me for some 15 year-old girl in Okinawa. How can I forgive that? I treated him with such tenderness, and he repaid me with betrayal. I can't type anymore. The tears obscure my vision.

Semper Fuckin Fi oxoxox



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