the final shot ~
in the back of the head
to the SLAVE era

from: historian-x

as told to Forklift Frankie and the Fingers Of Freedom by popeye-x

man, people have this concept drilled into them by the music industry that, unless you are granted special approval by the "big dogs", a normal nobody doesn't have the necessary clearance from upstairs to be allowed to make their own notes.

what's funny to me is how so-called ignorant bastard offspring of former slaves, not even knowing about the special approval needed, much less giving a fuck since they live as outlaws anyway, can take a cutting edge technological tool like a sampler, and create a new music from "scratch" (pun intended), and completely take over an industry that is against them 100%, and all that happened in the space of less than 10 years.

its called hip hop now, but I remember when it was called SHIT, and treated as such.
how did it happen?
babies aren't born prejudiced, they have to be taught bigotry.

its a scientifically measurable fact:
musical indoctrinization has as a lower "hassle curve" than political indoctrinization.

end result?

since $$$ is always what determines everything material, and since the $$$ revolves around "babies" and all the related systems, the Lifestyle Nazis will never be able to prevail for any length of time, but regardless of that length, the iron grip of bigotry will ALWAYS fail in the end.

what the fuck am I talking about?
its FUN to noodle around making notes
you don't need anyone's goddamn permission
it belongs to the most unqualified nobody
just as much as any
so-called AWARD winning superstar
(as if the $$$ isn't reward enough)

man, those are your notes... there isn't an army on Earth that can mobilize fast enough to catch up with your groove in time to shut it down

and that is why I say:
musical indoctrinization has as a lower "hassle curve" than political indoctrinization

so enjoy your own exploration into making your own notes, and don't EVER let the world psych you into denigrating yourself for having fun the way YOU want to.

I've studied at the university level, and I've made tons of money and friends from playing for people, so I "have permission" to do whatever, but I get the inspiration that fuels me from the RAPPERS and the METALISTS and most of all, the JUNGLE DRUMMERS down thru music history, like Ludwig Van Beethoven, who is world famous, but never left his spot, except one time, when he had a big gig in London. The rich guys in his home state pooled their bread to keep him at home and represent their area. Mozart was a touring superstar, musical genius from a touring musical family. But Ludwig was a dark SOB, and he's the one who started bringing in the "wrong beat" syncopation, and "wrong mood" darkness of the soul, and that coincides historically with the beginning of the end for the Lifestyle Nazi bigots. (200 years ago, plus or minus 50 depending)

in that time period,
FREEDOM has occurred,
and its here to stay

is no longer ILLEGAL
like it used to be
(in every state except Louisiana)
btw, while I'm lecturing...

the Internet era is the final shot
in the back of the head
to the SLAVE era

what was that Hendrix said
at the end of "If 6 Was 9"?
"rock on, drummer... play on, brother"
(I'm paraphrasing here)



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