Re: Ramblings From the East

from: Madame .X.
11:14:29 PM

Hi Tadpole,

That was a mouthful! It's good to get pissed off at times 'cause there's a whole lot of devo out there. And even though at times it seems, especially with the rate of acceleration, they're gonna doom it all, there you are, thinking about important things and wondering why it's so stupid.

If heart and integrity is most important to you, look for it in others as you focus on it in yourself. You only find what you're looking for and you can bring it out in others by your mere presence and of course focus. This simple process only works when you learn to like and understand yourself; then by default you'll understand people. Certainly not always like what they do and how pointlessly stupid in how they've forgotten who they are; judging what they don't understand rather than evolving. They KILL. See I'm getting mad too!

Love will never be sustained in oneself or the world by eliminating hate. Love/life does nothing without purpose... which is creating life, is life, only life. Evil is only the shadow that pretends, looks the same as the life it mimics but only to those whom have not learned to see or hear yet. My point is fuck the shadow of life; it has no power unless we give ourselves to it. Fear and ignorance is it's fodder. You spoke of courage; well I'm sure you'll know what to do when you see it's lame ass grasping to keep hanging on. You have the power, not it. trick

Joy is the way (happiness is over rated). It's the magic, the power. Find the thread in you and practice sustaining it. It's completly renewing.


up, ultimately destroys,



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