Re: hey, THRAAM is down! bring it back!

from: Demitria Monde Thraam
10:16:28 AM

The site's back now. This MIA of thraam.com over the past few days has been because of a server move, not because of that goddamn virus that hit my wintel box at home. Linux users don't get worms, they just have hordes of cracklets pinging away at them trying to Get Root. The site's on a Linux box.

But I've got problems. Bad problems.

It goes like this. For the past year or so, the site has been hosted at my friend Silver's house in Berkeley. He had a shared T1 and things were spiffy. But he's had to move and so the site and the computer it was on went back to their original owner: a guy named Sweetpea. Yes, he calls himself that. I think it was a name a girlfriend gave him.

Anyway Sweetpea had been planning to host the site (and about 12 others including Deekoo.com and my other, as of yet undone site, involution.org.) at his place of employment, a cellular phone company in San Jose. Over the weekend, he was informed that this company has just been swallowed up by a larger company. That company gave all employees a month's notice.

So I've been cyber-evicted. Right now, things are looking pretty goddamn fucked. I've been getting free hosting for this past year and now I'm going to have to start paying for it.

The complications:

1. Size. Thraam.com is kind of large. Weighs over 50 megs.

2. CGI. Most cheesy cheap hosting arrangements don't support CGI. That means if I went with any of them I could not have my own guestbook, or anything else that uses a CGI script. I'd have to use something with banner ads on it. I do NOT want Thraam.com to have ANY banners that *I* did not put there.

3. Sex. I imagine that certain aspects of my content might be viewed as porn (the Pixellation pictures, and the sex stories) even though they don't have much in common with regular boring porno. I could easily get kicked off of any server where the owner is afraid of the bandwidth choke that comes from hosting a site with sexual content. That is usually the issue rather than any moral outrage on the part of the server owner.

Silver, the guy who had to move, is working on one possible solution that we have been discussing, but I'm a little concerned that it might end up being just as temporary, and not enough in our control.

So...I need help, guys. Any ideas?

The biggest problem of all is I don't have any money, or at least, not much. I just plopped eighty bucks down on my cat Waa's vet visit. Thankfully, Waa appears to be doing much better - she just had a food allergy.

I think the only reason I am not banging my head against the wall swearing about this website problem is because Waa is OK and well, that's got me so relieved that all this other stuff has become commensurately less important.

But it's still a major clusterfuck of a problem.



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